James J. Angleton of the CIA, advising CIA Director McCone

and FBI Director Hoover on their answers before questioning by the Warren Commission.


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May 13, 1964

To: Mr. A.H. Belmont
From: Mr. W.C. Sullivan


James Angleton just called me to advise that Mr. McCone, Director of CIA, will testify before the Commission tomorrow. Angleton said it occurred to him that it would be well for both McCone and Mr. Hoover to be aware that the Commission might ask the same questions wondering whether they would get different replies from the heads of the two agencies. Angleton wanted us to know some of the things which he believes McCone will be asked and the replies which will be given.

One question will be "Was Lee Harvey Oswald ever an agent of CIA?" The answer will be no. A second question will be "Does CIA have any evidence showing that a conspiracy existed to assassinate President Kennedy?" The answer to this question will also be no. The third question will be "What suggestions does CIA have to offer for safe-guarding the life of the President of the United States?" Angleton didn't have the complete answer to this worked out but because of the nature of the question, it wouldn't conflict with what the Bureau has already suggested. A fourth question will be "Does CIA believe the Soviet documents on Oswald submitted to the Warren Commmission accurately reflect the Soviet relations with Oswald?" Angleton said their answer cannot be either a flat yes or no because they do not have the knowledge to so state. He said he believes McCone's answer will be to the effect that CIA is aware that Soviet Russia does have a directorate charged with the responsibility for carrying out assassinations and, therefore, these documents in question would not normally reflect accurately relations with such a person as Oswald. However, on the other hand, CIA has no evidence that Oswald was under the instructions of this directorate charged with assassinations.

Angleton said if anything further developed today which would be helpful to us, he would call.


For the information of the Director





Document courtesy of Anna-Marie Kuhns-Walko

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