2013 50th Anniversary NID Conference

For the last 19 years, JFK Lancer has gathered people together in Dallas to commemorate John F. Kennedy's life and assassination. The encouragement, camaraderie, and sharing of exciting new research gives us momentum and motivation, keeping us on the cutting edge of historical research. The 19th annual conference, held November 2013, was a huge step in continuing our work and observing of the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

This research conference presented expertise in political and intelligence history of the 1960s, also our community’s ability to do highly effective archival and document work and apply it to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Additionally, there were exciting presentations on what has been learned from newer research into witness interviews, government investigations, intelligence agencies, political players, as well as medical and crime scene evidence. The theme “ Its Time To Take Another Look” invites us to take another look at evidence as we understand it today, not as the earlier studies and government investigations knew it in time past.

DVDs of the 2013 conference are available here. You can also purchase DVDs by year, by speaker or by topic. We would love to help you put together a collection that suits your research needs. Visit our Merchandise page for more information.




Kerry McCarthy Speaks at the Banquet

Jefferson Morley Keynote Speaker at the Banquet

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