November In Dallas Conference 2018


Save the DateNovember In Dallas Conference
November Friday, 16 - Sunday, 18, 2018

at the Dallas

Lorenzo Hotel

55 Years 2018

Welcome to the 23nd annual Dallas Conference held by JFK Lancer. Each year we honor the legacy of President Kennedy, and strive to better understand the facts of his assassination. Speakers and guests from all over the globe come together for this exciting event to share the latest findings in the case, revisit eyewitness testimonies, and dare to challenge the status quo. Enjoy our Saturday Night Awards Banquet with a very special guest speaker!

Speakers and Topics
Hotel Information

Adult $169
The Adult admission price covers all days of the conference and the Saturday Night Banquet Meal.
Student $99
The Student admission price covers all days of the conference and Saturday Night Banquet Meal.
Spouse $99
The Spouse admission price covers all days of the conference and Saturday Night Banquet Meal.
Speaker Banquet


Saturday Night Banquet Meal for Guests & Speakers

Retail Tables
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Resource Room

Sellers, please reserve tables in our retail areas. $50 per table
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Bus Tour
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Sunday, after our Dealey Plaza ceremony, Brian Edwards and Casey Quinlan will take you on a charter bus tour of historic JFK spots around Dallas. They have been working with JFK enthusiasts of all ages for 20 years. Their extensive knowledge, coupled with their highly entertaining style, makes for an exciting and rewarding tour of the city. This tour will fill up fast, so don't wait. Cost is $50 per person.



Would you like to advertise your business at this year's November In Dallas Conference? For $30 you can have an advertisement placed in our wonderful souvenir booklet or have a video/audio advertisement play twice in between speakers throughout the conference weekend. $50 will get you both an advertisement in the souvenir booklet and a video advertisement that will be played twice during the weekend. Send us an email if you would like to take advantage of this amazing deal!

Contact Debra at

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*Please bring a print-out of your payment to the conference for registration. Cancellations for conference events must be made no later than 15 days prior to the event for a full refund. All cancellations made after that date will be no more than 50% of total paid. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or group, or remove any person or group attending - without refund of any fee paid - displaying unprofessional behavior.

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Make your reservations at The Lorenzo
Lorenzo Hotel Lorenzo Dining Lorenzo Rooms

A masterfully unique 237 room art-centric boutique hotel & event venue.
Lorenzo Hotel is located in the vibrant convention center district of downtown Dallas.
Over 600 original works of art will ignite your imagination and suspend your disbelief. Check into style.

Lorenzo Hotel
1011 S Akard St Dallas, 
Texas 75215
Reservations: (214) 273 3000
JFK Lancer Room Rate $159.00 per night

Be sure to state you are attending the JFK Lancer Conference

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Bill Kelly CAPA and Document Release

Dr. David Mantik & Michael Chesser interpretation

JFK X-Rays and wound
John Orr with Larry Schnapf 3D Trajectory modeling in Dealey Plaza
John Hunt RFK – Issues of evidence
Krishna Shenoy The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza - Archives
Gary Murr A Small Arms Dealer and the Death of a President
Larry Hancock The Wheaton names
John Hunt /Carmine Savastano /Larry Hancock RFK Q&A         
Carmine Savastano RFK – “Other Suspects”
Russ Baker Hiding the Proof / We Want the Records
Jim Jenkins / William Law “At the Cold Shoulder of History”
John Newman The Framing of RFK for Plotting a Mafia Murder of Castro
Stu Wexler MLK – the conspiracy
Hubert Clark / William Law “Betrayal; A JFK Honor Guard Speaks”
Malcolm Blunt and Alan Dale "Tennent 'Pete' Bagley: A Remembrance"
John Newman The Kennedy's, King, and the Race Issue
Aldo Mariotto The Texas Trip – Johnson’s Agenda
Ralph Ganis New Book / Otto Skorzeny and the assassination

Conference Schedule*

Friday, November 16

Saturday, November 17

Sunday, November 18

11:00am - Registration

Boxed Lunch Available To Order

8:00am - 6:30pm Speakers

Boxed Breakfast/Lunch Available To Order

8:30am thru 10:00am - Speakers

Boxed Breakfast Available To Order

Thru 12:00am - 9:30pm - Speakers 7:00 - 9:00pm Awards Banquet w/Speakers 11:00am Walking Tours In Dealey Plaza
  9:30pm - Special Film Screening

12:30pm Dealey Plaza Ceremony
1:00 - 4:00pm Bus Tour with Brian Edwards & Casey Quinlan

*The schedule will be updated with speaker times as soon as possible.

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