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2020 November Virtual Conference

Welcome to the 24th annual Dallas Conference information page, held by JFK Lancer. Each year we honor the legacy of President Kennedy and strive to better understand the facts of his assassination.

Speakers and Guests from all over the globe come together for this exciting event to share the latest findings in the case, revisit eyewitness testimonies, and dare to challenge the status quo.

Speakers/Schedule/Subjects (May be changed from this list)



Friday Nov. 20th

9am - Open with Debra Conway - history and update on JFK Lancer

Rex Bradford - Exploring the Mary Ferrell Website

9:26am Jeff Morley - Morley V The CIA 

10:20am Russ Baker on ongoing research

11:15am Alan Dale - The Devil is in the Details 

11:47am John Newman and Alan Dale on new research

12:18pm David Boylan - The Wheaton Lead: A Continuing Exploration

1:33pm Doug Campbell - Letters from Cuba

2:33pm Debra Conway and Chuck Ochelli  - Journey to Lancer

3:58pm Stuart Wexler - The Other Review Board 

4:32pm Greg Wagner  - Window Watchers

5:10pm Brian Edwards – The Elm Street Ambush: A Tactical Analysis


Saturday Nov. 21st

9am - Jim DiEugenio  - JFK and the Middle East

10am Larry Hancock - JFK and the Bay of Pigs

11am Brent Holland - JFK Assassination Breaking Down the Myths, Magic Bullet, Warren Commission, and More

12pm Pamela - Deconstructing Murder Most Foul

12:45pm Larry Hancock - Tipping Point

2:05pm Casey Quinlan – Agents of Murder, the Dealey Plaza Project, JFK a Targeted Kill

3:15pm Bill Simpich on the Oswald Legend 

4:25pm Steve Roe - The Road to New Orleans

6:55pm Johnny Cairns -  Oswald’s Defense

8:13pm Scott Reid - William Duff and the Scottish Connection

9:22pm Peter Mellor - The Biography of Albert Alexander Osborne


Sunday Nov. 22

1:30pm - Chuck Ochelli, Carmine Savastano, Mike Swanson, Larry Hancock on JFK Assassination myths

3:56pm - Robert Groden - Photographic Myths: From F-Stop to Bus Stop

 Approx. 5:10pm James Corbett - The JFK Silver Certificate Myth

 Approx: 5:48pm David Knight - Why It Still Matters 57 Years Later

Approx 6:46pm Closing Statements and Awards Announcement from Debra Conway


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