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Gerald Posner is at it again.Read his letter to James Earl Ray. Then read Jerry Ray's letter to Posner.
(provided to JFK Lancer by a Ray family representative.)
FAIR PLAY MAGAZINE  http://rmii.com/~jkelin/fp.html

"Memphis Miasma," a Joseph Backes article on the recent COPA conference in Memphis, Tennessee, has been added to
Fair Play Issue #22. The article contains verbatim transcripts of much of the proceedings at the conference, which coincided
with the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There are also photographs of many speakers,
including witnesses to the King assassination who are speaking out after years of silence. "Memphis Miasma" is an excellent
companion piece to the article "Memphis," by Jerrold Smith, also in the current Fair Play. John Kelin

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