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Vol. 2 Issue 2

Summer 1996 


  • Letters to the Chronicles
  • Bulletins: New Contributors and Advisors
  • Dealey Plaza U.K. Update: Ian Griggs, Secretary
  • Our Guest Speaker: "Why I Joined the Research Community" by James Sawa
  • Passages: William Colby, Ray S. Cline
  • Library Patrons
  • Touching Base: "JFK is Everywhere" by Debra Conway
  • November In Dallas Conference Update
  • Behind the Lines: Submission Guidelines
    George Michael Evica
  • The Chronicles Puzzle
  • Clippings: Lyon Garrison Responds
  • Letters to the New Orleans Gambit
  • CIA Updates
  • CIA Cuban Cover-Up,   Peter Kornbluh
  • History Deleted, Ronald Kesler
  • Film Donated to the National Archives


  • Jim Garrison:In History and Film
    George Michael Evica
  • Trapped by Their Own Words:  The Dallas Police by Jack White
  • Stranger in a Strange Land:  Kennedy in the Maelstrom by Jim Hargrove
  • Richard Bissell: The Man Who Couldn't Kill Castro by Jane Sitko
  • Understanding Silvia Odio:  What the LaFontaines Don't Tell You bu Steve N. Bochan
  • The Chronicles Interview: Gaeton Fonzi, Part 1 by Steve Bochan with Gordon Winslow
  • Internet Resources: Searching R.I.F.'s on the Internet by Chris Courtwright
  • Federal Register Updates:and Batch 4 by Joe Backes
  • James Files' Confession:  A Letter from Files to Tom M. Hudson
  • Student Contributor:"Eyewitness Account" by Carrie Gallagher

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Our complimentary article 

Searching R.I.F.s

Record Identification Forms on the National Archives online web page

Chris W. Courtwright


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