Known Personnel In/Out of Trauma Room One Parkland Memorial Hospital

12:38 pm to 2:08 pm November 22, 1963

03-21-98 updated

Parkland DoctorsCompiled by Brad Parker and Charles Crenshaw, M.D.
The Assassination Chronicles Vol. 1, Issue 4; Dec. '95

"Known Personnel In/Out of Trauma Room One," represents a part of basic investigative procedure which was overlooked by both the Warren Commission and the subsequent House Assassinations Committee. "They did not even do enough of a research project to find out who all was in the room," observed Charles Crenshaw, M.D., who was in the trauma room while President Kennedy was being treated for his injuries.

Please note that the authors do not contend that everyone present observed the President's injuries. In fact, few of these people had the opportunity to see the man at the center of the emergency room hysteria. The list consists of people who, at one time or another during the President's time at Parkland, entered the emergency room. Any suggestions for additions or corrections would be greatly appreciated. I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation to Charles A. Crenshaw, M.D. without whom this list would not exist. Not only was his book, JFK-Conspiracy of Silence, of great assistance in outlining the events at Parkland, but he contributed a great deal in reviewing the list during the editing and revising stages. Without his support and encouragement, this list most certainly would have been forgotten long ago.


Akin Gene C. Resident Anesthesiologist
Bashour Foaud A. Chief Cardiologist
Baxter Charles R. Attending Surgeon
Bell Audrey Nurse
Bowron Diana H. Nurse
Burkley George G. White House Physician
Cabluck Jarrold F.W.S.T. Photographer
Cain Thomas Priest
Carrico Charles J. Resident Surgeon
Clark William K. Chief Neurosurgeon
Crenshaw Charles A. Resident Surgeon
Curtis Donald T. Resident Oral Surgeon
Dulany Richard B. Resident Surgeon
Farrington Bertha Nurse
Giesecke Adolf H. Anesthesiologist
Goldstrich Joe D. Doctor
Grossman Robert G. Resident Neurosurgeon
Henchliffe Margaret M. Nurse
Hill Clinton J. Secret Service Agent
Huber Oscar L. Priest
Hunt Jackie H. Anesth.-Only woman M.D.
Hutton Pat Nurse
Jenkins Marion T. Chief Anesthesiologist
Jones Ronald C. (DVD) Chief Resident Surgeon
Kellerman Roy H. Secret Service Agent
Kennedy Jacqueline First Lady
Landis Paul E. Secret Service Agent
McClelland Robert (DVD) Attending Surgeon
McGuire Dennis Assistant Undertaker
Midgett William Ob-Gyn Resident
Nelson Doris M. Chief Supervising Nurse
Nelson John D. Pediatric Resident
O'Donnell Kenneth P. Presidential Secretary
O'Neal Vernon B. Undertaker
Perry Malcolm O. Attending Surgeon
Peters Paul C. Urologist
Powers David F. Presidential Aide
Rike Aubery (DVD/Book) Assistant Undertaker
Rose Earl F. Chief Forensic Pathologist
Salyer Kenneth E. Resident Surgeon
Sanders David Parkland Orderly
Seldin Donald W. Chief Internist
Standridge Ruth J. Head Nurse
Stembridge Vernon B. Chief of SurgicalPath.
Stewart David Surgeon
Stewart Sidney Resident Pathologist
Thompson James Priest
Ward Theron Justice of the Peace
Webster Jane C. OR Assistant Supervisor
White Martin G. Resident Surgeon
Zedelitz William (buy DVD) Resident Surgeon


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