Myths In The JFK Assassination


No Notes Were Taken During the Interrogations of Lee Oswald While He Was In Custody

At the time that the Assassination Records Review Board was formed in April 1994, no notes were known to exist of the approximately twelve hours that Lee Harvey Oswald spent under interrogation on November 22-24, 1963. Although the official record established that several of his interrogators made some notes during or after the interrogations, these notes had either been destroyed or allowed to slip into the dustbin of history. But by the end of 1997, the ARRB had managed to acquire two sets of interrogation notes. These notes not made public immediately after the assassination. We also reveal the existence of a third set of notes that was “hidden in plain sight” by the Warren Commission.

1. Captain Will Fritz's notes of LHO interrogation.

2. FBI Agent Hosty's notes

3. Harry Holmes, the. U.S. Postal Inspector


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