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Towards Agreement on the Evidence in the Assassination of JFK:


A Work In Progress


Contributed by over 100 authors, researchers, and concerned citizens and collated by George Michael Evica for the Assassination Symposium on John F. Kennedy (A.S.K.) 1993.

President John F. Kennedy was murdered as the result of a conspiracy. Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone assassin responsible for the killing of JFK and the wounding of Governor Connally.

The case against Oswald in the JFK murder is without merit, based on broken chains of evidence, on altered documents, on suppressed, changed, or planted evidence, on withheld spectrographic analyses, and on doubtful ballistic evidence.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not have his day in court. His right to a fair trial was jeopardized by biased remarks made by City of Dallas, State of Texas, and Federal officials, by the mishandling of evidence, by improper chains of evidence, by illegal searches, and by legally inadmissible statements attributed to Marina Oswald Porter.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not murder Dallas police officer Tippit. Compelling evidence that one man (other than Oswald) or two men (neither of them Oswald) shot Tippit was ignored by the Warren Commission. Crucial and obvious inconsistencies (in the ballistics evidence, for example) were left unresolved by the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

After the JFK assassination, a group of law enforcement officers and investigators at both the local, state, and federal levels participated in a major cover-up and obstruction of justice.

The Warren Commission ignored a dozen Dealey Plaza witnesses (including several law enforcement officers) who reported men showing Secret Service credentials or identifying themselves as Secret Service agents who collected evidence, took statements, and reportedly held witnesses in custody. The Secret Service later stated, however, that none of its agents were in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination. The House Select Committee took note of this series of events but did not investigate its conspiratorial significance.

J. Edgar Hoover and top FBI officials possessed substantial information that CIA-connected Mafia bosses were complicit in a  plot to murder JFK, yet Hoover did not share this knowledge with either the Secret Service or the Warren Commission.

The Warren Commission ignored leads that would have lead to CIA-directed plots against Fidel Castro directly connected to the JFK assassination. The Commission also ignored evidence of Jack Ruby's lifetime involvement in corrupt Teamsters' activities, Syndicate business (including drug traffic), police and intelligence informing, and the anti-Castro plots that twould have pointed to a major motive for Ruby killing Oswald. The House Select Committees admitted these facts about CIA plots and Jack Ruby, listed its suspects as Santo Trafficante, Carlos Marcello, Jimmy Hoffa, and the CIA-directed Cuban exiles, and then did nothing to follow up important leads developed by its own staff.

The Warren Commission did not investigate a pattern of disinformation developed immediately after the JFK assassination attempting to implicate Fidel Castro in the murder of JFK. The House Select Committee ignored substantial evidence that the individuals involved had long-standing CIA links.

The Warren Commission was unable to establish that Oswald ordered, took delivery of, possessed, practiced with, carried to the Texas School Book Depository, and fired a rifle from that building on November 22, 1963. The Commission's paraffin tests of Oswald's face and hands were inconclusive. The House Select Committee on Assassinations ignored the Commission's failures, relying on the Commission's broken chain of rifle evidence.

The Warren Commission was unable to establish a definitive shape for the "sniper's nest" and did not prove the value of the earliest-known box arrangement at that sixth floor Texas School Book Depository window. The Commission also ignored the half-opened window, making the firing of a weapon at the motorcade and striking Kennedy and Connally difficult (if not impossible). The House Select Committee failed to resolve these problems.

The Warren Commission refused to examine either the Bethesda autopsy photos or x-rays. Instead, its medical witnesses used admittedly inaccurate drawings to represent JFK's wounds.

The Warren Commission placed JFK's backwound higher than Commission testimony and FBI evidence located it in order to argue a back-to-front and high-to-low trajectory for that wound. The House Select Committee's medical panel apparently recognized the Commission's faulty evidence and offered one trajectory but with JFK in three different positions. The only position of the three consistent with the available evidence was a transit through JFK from back to front but from low to high. The House Select Committee did not explain this impossible trajectory as consistent with a round fired from the Depository's sixth floor.

The alleged transit of CE 399 through JFK's body (accepted by both the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee) is a speculation without credible forensic evidence. That this "Magic" bullet also caused all of Governor Connally's wounds is a fiction.

The earliest Parkland Hospital descriptions of President Kennedy's wounds and the later Bethesda autopsy descriptions of these wounds seriously contradict each other. The Bethesda autopsy description does not match the Parkland doctors' observations, and the Bethesda autopsy photos and x-rays do not match either each other or the official Naval autopsy report. The Warren Commission refused to look at the autopsy photos and x-rays, using less than accurate drawings of the JFK wounds, thereby overlooking the medical contradictions between Parkland and Bethesda. The House Select Committee on Assassinations recognized the Warren Commission's medical problems but did not resolve these contradictions.