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The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy:

Commission Members

Earl WarrenEarl Warren -- Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court since 1953; Attorney General of California, 1939-43; Governor of California, 1943-53; Republican candidate for Vice-President, 1948.

Hale Boggs -- U.S. Representative (Democrat-Louisiana): member of 77th, 80th-88th Congresses; deputy Democratic Whip; Vice-Chairman, Democratic National Committee, 1956; Chairman, Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy; member, Ways and Means, Joint Economic Committee.

John Sherman Cooper -- U.S. Senator (Republican-Kentucky): U.S. Senator 1946-48, 1952-55, 1957-; U.S. Ambassador to Indea, 1955-56; member, Committees on Agriculture and Forestry, on Rules and Administration, Joint Committee on the Library.

Allen W. Dulles -- Director, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, 1953-61; deputy director, 1951-53; served with O.S.S. during World War II; Director, Council on Foreign Relations; author of "The Craft of Intelligence."

Gerald R. Ford -- U.S. Representative (Republican-Michigan): member 81st-88th Congresses; delegate to Interparlamentary Union, Warsaw Poland, 1959, Belgium, 1961; member, Committee on Appropriations.

John J. McCloy -- attorney, Advisor to President Kennedy, 1961-63; The Assistant Secretary of War, 1941-45; President of the World Bank, 1947-49; U.S. High Commissioner to Germany, 1949-52; Chairman of the Board, Chase Manhattan Bank, 1953-60.

Richard B. Russell -- U.S. Senator (Democrat-Georgia); Governor of Georgia, 1931-32; U.S. Senator, 1932-; Chairman, Senate Armed Services Committee; member, Committees on Appropriations, on Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy.

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