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The Mary Ferrell Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of Mary Ferrell, a devoted archivist and researcher of the JFK assassination. About Mary Ferrell.

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Mary Ferrell was a dear friend and mentor to JFK Lancer's Debra Conway. JFK Lancer was just a gleam in our eyes when Mary first begun encouraging Debra to get involved in JFK assassination research. She was a catalyst for us all. Please visit and support her foundation website.

3bbulrd The National Archives and Records Administration

3bbulrd History Matters by Rex Bradford

3bbulrd The Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC)

3bbulrd Master Researcher Directory, editor Nancy Wertz Weiford

3bbulrd Adventures in Propiquity, The Case of Jim Garrison - Joe Biles' site with much info!

3bbulrd Attention To Detail - Clint Bradford's great downloads. 1999 JFK Lancer New Frontier Award Winner



3bbulrd John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage -Ralph Shuster Warren Commmission database

3bbulrd List of Warren Commission Evidence Online

3bbulrd Dallas Municipal Archives: The John F. Kennedy Collection 

3bbulrd The Kennedys - Chris's site full of pictures of the entire Kennedy family

3bbulrd History Place - Kennedy Family Photos

3bbulrd Gordon Winslow's Cuban Info Archives

3bbulrd Ed Dorsch's The Kennedy Assassination for the Novice

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