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Winter 2001 Vol 7 Issue 4

New KAC Magazine Issue Released

The Fall Issue of KAC is ready to download!

Published four times each year, devoted to providing the most up-to-date information on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and related events. This newsmagazine is typically 40-60 pages and contains eye-opening articles and photos from some of the foremost researchers in the world and promises to keep even the casual reader informed on recent events and research.

Published: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter of each year.
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zapNew Upfront article from Vince Salandria
Did Robert Kennedy Kill His Brother?
A review of In Love With Night­The American Romance with Robert Kennedy, by Ronald Steel

zapNew CDRoms available:
Stewart Galanor, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Larry Hancock, Warren Commission Ex. Sessions, President's Foreign Advisory Board, Vincent Palamara, more...
Back due to popular demand!! Mary Ferrell's CDROM.

zapNew Backstory resources for KAC issues
Research items from Kennedy Assassination Chronicles Fall 2001 Issue.
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zap12-24-01 An Update on Mary Ferrell from Robert Chapman
There seems to be a good deal of understandable confusion among the research community about the status of Mary Ferrell and her archive of research materials. After consulting with Mary about this matter, we decided that I should explain what has actually occurred.

Mary, as of her most recent birthday, is now 79 years of age. Those of us who love her and know her expect her to live well past 100, but she has health problems common to many people nearing 80. For the past several years she has experienced varied states of health, but in general she is doing well. Mary recently moved from her residence of over 50 years into a new apartment which has excellent medical and living facilities.

In making the move, Mary parted with the unique archive of assassination materials which she had accumulated over the past four decades. Rather than donate the collection to a university or library, she transferred the collection to a non-profit foundation, The Mary Ferrell Foundation, which was established to continue her pioneering work of helping researchers find the truth. I serve as a director of this Foundation, and would encourage any of you who would like to reduce your taxes to donate a tax deductible contribution prior to year end!

Mary continues to work on her database and chronologies, and reads everything she encounters about the case. She occasionally works with a few researchers, and intends to continue her work with the case until she can no longer do so. Mary was unable to attend the Lancer conference this year because of a serious illness that weekend. I was unable to attend because of the loss of a key manager at my business. We both regret our absence from Lancer this year.

Mary thanks all who have expressed concern about her, and encourages everyone to keep working on the case.

Robert Chapman


JFK Lancer appreciates all Mary has done in support of our goals. Due to popular demand, Mary's CD is AVAILABLE!!

Mary Ferrell Legacy Project CDROM

Sincerely, Debra Conway


zapDecember 2001: NEW WEBSITE
History Matters
has launched a new web site devoted to dissemination of the documentary record in the JFK assassination and related historical topics. http://www.history-matters.com currently has over 25,000 pages of reports, transcripts, and documents, including the Warren Report and 15 Hearings volumes, the HSCA Report and all 12 volumes of Appendices, the Clay Shaw trial transcript and New Orleans grand jury transcripts, and new records including the Lopez Report, ARRB Final Report, ARRB medical releases, Vietnam declassifications, and much more, including dozens of hours of audio interviews and taped phone calls. The History Matters site also features essays by Peter Dale Scott and Rex Bradford, an interactive Dealey Plaze witness database by Stewart Galanor, a catalog of CD-ROMs, and more.

zap Believing that the best is yet to come, JFK Lancer is pleased to announce a new format for KAC beginning with the Fall 2001 issue. (Summer 2001 is on its way to you through US mail.) We feel you will be as excited as we are with these plans.

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zapSEPTEMBER 11TH TRAGEDY: I know you all join me in expressing our sympathy for those whose lives were taken. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones.

Also visit the JFK Assassination Forum for civil discussion and sharing of research.

(Registration is required for both forums.)

zapJackie's Warren Commission Testimony Warren Commission Suppressed Jackie's Testimony On JFK's Head Wound
Court Reporter's Tape Shows Additional Description Withheld

Dallas, TX -- August 7, 2001 -- JFK Lancer, an historical research firm reports that the Court Reporter's tape shows Jacqueline Kennedy's testimony before the Warren Commission had additional descriptions which were withheld.

zapIMPORTANT RESEARCH CD-ROMS from JFK Lancer Resource Mail Order!!

zapWe recommend:JFK (Special Edition Director's Cut) DVD -- Link to Amazon

· Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby, Surround Sound, Director's Cut
· Commentary by Oliver Stone
· 17 Minues of Footage Not Seen in North American Theaters
· Deleted/ Extended Scenes with Optional Commentary by Oliver Stone
· Interview with Fletcher Prouty
· Visual Commentary
· Multimedia Essays:
· Assassination Update: The New Documents
· Meet Mr. X: The Personality and Thoughts of Fletcher Prouty
· Widescreen anamorphic format
· Number of discs: 2

zapUPFRONT: A new JFK Lancer page with columns by long-time critic Vince Salandra and E. Martin Schotz. Read their comments on current events and how they relate to the JFK assassination.


zapNew to our site!! Feb. 2001 JFK Assassination Discussion Forum



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