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This page is for study of the line of sight of the shooter in Dealey Plaza.

Dealey Plaza
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Dealey Plaza Texas School Book Depository

Sniper's views

These are photos of the so called "Snipers Nest."
You decide if the "Magic Bullet" could have been shot from this window.

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drawing of window The the incorrect height of the window opening.This drawing shows a much higher opening with the shooter kneeling into the window to make his shot.

6th floor window

From LIFE '91

sniper's nest Also note this photo of researcher Jack White in the window area. CE1312 Warren Commission Exhibit 1312
Researcher White at window Another view of the pipes and window. CE733 Warren Commission Exhibit 733

Warren Commission reenactment

Warren Commission reenactment. 4days28b_s Angle showing boxes stacked behind window.
overhead view An overhead photo taken after boxes stacked behind the window have been moved. (The circled area is where LHO's palmprint was found.) jfk19_s Photo showing another box configuration.
wcex1301_1302_s Warren Commission Exhibits 1301-1302 Incorrect window size, re-inactment from the movie "Parkland".
tsbd window Just after the shots are fired showing two men who worked at the TSBD. fbimodel2_s FBI Model of Dealey Plaza showing how and where shots were fired from the 6th floor window.
fbimodel_s FBI Model of Dealey Plaza showing how and where shots were fired from the 6th floor window. windowview_s The view from the window to Elm Street.
fbimodel3_s The view: Note the angle a shot would take if fired from here. How would a single shot hit both the president and the governor? fromwin_s The view from the 6th Floor window looking at Houston Street.  (from Greg Jaynes)

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