Mexico City: Cast of Characters

These are just a few of the persons connected to the Mexico City aspect of the case. Click on the small photo to view larger version.

angleton.jpg James J. Angleton - (1917-1987) headed the CIA's Counterintelligence Staff from 1954 until he was forced into retirement by then-DCI Colby in 1974. Valeriy Kostikov - Senior Soviet KGB agent in Mexico, in charge of the KGB's Department Thirteen (responsible for assassination and sabotage) supposedly met with "Oswald" in the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City.  Lee Oswald 1(939-63), alleged assassin of John F. Kennedy, born in New Orleans, La. Supposedly visited Mexico City in late September - early October, 1963, and visited both the Cuban and Russian Embassies there.
mann.gifAmbassador Thomas Clifton Mann - (b. 1912) Born in Laredo, Tex., November 11, 1912. U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, 1955-57; U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, 1961-63.   J.Edgar Hoover - Director of FBI  Luis Echeverria (1999 photo) - Mexican Minister of Gobernacion, later President of Mexico
rus.gif Senator Richard Russell - Russell, Richard Brevard, Jr. (1897-1971), U.S. lawyer and Democratic political
leader, born in Winder, Ga.; governor of Georgia 1931-33; U.S. senator 1933-71; served
as chairman Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Appropriations
helms.gifRichard Helms - became CIA Deputy Director of Plans in 1962, later Director of the Central Intelligence Agency 1966 - 1973 katzenbach.gif Nick Katzenbach (1999)
deputy U.S. attorney general 1962- 64, acting attorney general Sept.1964-Jan. 1965, attorney general 1965-66; undersecretary of state 1966-69.
hosty.jpg James Hosty - FBI agent assigned to investigate Lee and Marina Oswald prior to the JFK assassination. lbj_phone.jpg President Johnson myst_man.jpg"mystery_man" photographed outside of Russian Embassy in Mexico City
rowley.JPGJames Rowley - Secret Service agent in charge of the White House detail during the Truman Administration, Chief of US Secret Service, 1961 atlee.jpg David A. Phillips - in charge of Cuban
operations for the CIA in 1963, and whose career was deeply entwined in anti-Castro
operations, Western Hemisphere Division of
the CIA Deputy Directorate of Operations, Chief of Latin American and Caribban Operations, retired in 1975.
sullivan.GIF William Sullivan - FBI Counterintelligence, assistant director in charge of security in Washington.
 Earl Warren - (1891-1974), U.S. lawyer, born in Los Angeles, Calif.; governor of California 1943-53; Republican vice-presidential nominee 1948; appointed chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1953, served as head of President's Commission to Investigate the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Warren's Commision) 1963, retired 1969. winscott.JPG Win Scott - CIA Chief of Station, Mexico City (Anne Goodpasture was his assistant.) Silvia Duran - Secretary at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, assisted Owald, a Mexican national, she was later arrested and tortured.
John A. McCone, the
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1961-1965
Eusebio Azcue - Cuban Consulate Consul in Mexico City  -


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