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Mexico City­A New Analysis
John Newman
at November in Dallas JFK Lancer Conference
Friday, November 19, 1999

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"The Review Board tried, really hard, and a lot of the stuff I showed you and the reason you can see it is because the Review Board declassified it. 90% of that stuff was not available just 2 or 3 years ago. Mostly it says 1997 or 1998 released on these documents. They did a really good job. Where they came away from it though was that it was inconclusive. They were not able to prove one way or another what happened.

"In my mind I am convinced to a level of what we will call a 'preponderance of the evidence' that some tapes did survive the assassination and they were being listened to right here in Dallas, Texas while Oswald was alive. And when they found out that it wasn't his voice on there it was a big problem, because you got a guy who is still at large who impersonated Oswald. They don't know who he is. That's number one. Number two whoever did that, whoever impersonated him, linked him to KGB Department 13 which is in charge of assassinations and sabotage.

"Now I am going to show you in this next portion of the presentation just how bad that guy really was and what the FBI and CIA really knew about him because that has just been declassified. It was part of a project called "TUMBLEWEED" that was controlled by the FBI. A very, very scary thing.

"Before I do that I want to give you my paradigm now. I want to tell you what I think this means so that you will have something to put in your RAM to go through the rest of the slides I want to show you. When I wrote my book, "Oswald and the CIA" I didn't really get into conspiracy or anti-conspiracy. I didn't do that. I just tried to document what was in Oswald's files.

"And so, when I got to this point Mexico City, these transcripts, and the impersonation, I was convinced he had been impersonated by the way, it just seemed very logical from reading, reading the content of it, but I tried not to, to go very far with that because if you start working with that you very quickly go down the road of conspiracy.

"So, I tried to erect a hypothesis in my mind where it could be benign and it really didn't work. And where I have been for the last four years, as the Review Board has been releasing more and more stuff on this, is you really can't explain the impersonation outside of the plot to murder the president.

"And it was in that context that I wrote the PROBE article. And I will write a longer one with JFK Lancer [Kennedy Assassination Chronicles].

"And so what this represents for me is sort of a first stab, this is 1999, and my views may change on this, but right now the way I look at it the record is too replete with references to the tapes existing and not being his voice, and it's too awful a story that shows up in everybody's files up here, is so overwhelming that it provokes, it precipitates a lone nut cover-up immediately.

"And I want to point out first one thing before I give the rest of my presentation. Peter Dale Scott wrote about this in 1995, just like he wrote about Kennedy's withdrawal plan in Vietnam, way back, 20 years before I ever wrote about it, it's in chapter five of the Gravel edition of the Pentagon Papers. Normally when Peter Dale Scott writes stuff nobody listens cause he's, you know, kind of boring sometimes, a lot of footnotes and things and it's not blood and bullets and stuff, that sort of thing, but he's usually about 5 or 10 years ahead of other people, you know, of everybody else who comes along, and I just want to pay tribute one more time to Peter Dale Scott who really thought about this and wrote about this years ago."


"My particular total paradigm now goes something like this, that the plotters killing the president are involved not just in killing him but in neutralizing law enforcement and the intelligence agencies. They have to do that, because if you don't they are going to do their jobs. And in fact these are particularly powerful, and very good intelligence and law enforcement organizations, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Dept. of Defense. There's a lot of resources there. And those people are going to do their jobs, unless there is some reason they shouldn't be doing their jobs, especially if it's investigating the murder of the president.

"So, integral to the plan must have been to neutralize them and make them not do their job. And the story from Mexico City does that. That's what this is all about.

"I use the term, 'planting a virus.' And I like the concept of a virus as opposed to just a false story. Because, it is not all false. Oswald was there. He did go down there, but he didn't make those phone calls. Whoever made them wanted to make damn sure they were in the record, wanted to make damn sure that after 11/22 when the shots ring out everybody goes rushing off to open up their [file] drawers, [that] that's the first thing they see.

"And so you have a story which is going to be very embarrassing. It is going to be incriminating in some ways, it is going to make lots of people culpable because they had all of this information, Kostikov, Oswald, when they didn't do anything about it.

"The problem is how do you do this? How do you get this nasty, nasty story into everybody's files and nobody does anything? How do you do that? Why don't the alarm bells go ringing everywhere? How is it that two months can roll by, well almost, I mean 6-7 weeks and the motorcade still goes under the 6th floor here?

"The answer is that the virus must be made dormant. We have to dim the switches. We have to turn off all of the alarm bells, everywhere, in a lot of places, in FBI headquarters, in CIA headquarters, and in Mexico City, because if we don't this story is out and it's very obvious, you have to do stuff, you have to do your job.

"So, if what I just told you is true we will find evidence everywhere that all of this stuff even though it's in the files is being suppressed, the noise level is being taken down almost to zero. A dormant virus then balloons on November 22nd, that's the idea.

"I apologize. I know there are probably some of you who have not read any of this stuff. And some of this story may not be making sense, hopefully, a little bit of it will.

"Now, I am going to take you through, beginning the 8th of October when they discover the tape, discover the tape of this phone call [the 1 October call] and the Mexico City station sends a cable to CIA headquarters informing them.

"By the way, that is what FBI records look like in the Archives, and that's what CIA, these are Oswald records.

"This is the Mexico City cable informing headquarters that somebody using Oswald's name called the Soviet embassy back on 1 October. This is the cable. You will notice that it says right in here that he met with Valery Vladimirovich Kostikov.

[See p. 509 of "Oswald and the CIA" Now totally open in full. See ARRB 3rd batch RIF# 104-10015-10047.]

This is David Atlee Phillips' CIA biography, his biography. And I thought it was interesting because we see that he got a little promotion just a couple of days before Oswald went down there. Here it is in September 1963.

"He had been at GS-14 forever.

"And became a GS-15 a couple of days before Oswald goes down there, and was put in charge of Cuban operations."

Humorously, John remarked, "And I know it's just a coincidence."

Someone from the audience asked what "GS" means.

John, "I'm sorry? Oh, that's just a government rating, that's all. [A civil service grade.]

Doug Horne, "Government Service."

John, "Government Service, but 15 is actually when you get to be in the, 15 is like Field Grade Officers, you're really a part of the club now. That's the rank people aspire to get to.
"Anyway, I just wanted you to know that. And also this cable here.

[Probably Document # 104-10086-10003 from the 3rd Batch.]

"This cable is from CIA headquarters to JM/WAVE, which is the CIA station down in Miami, and a copy to Mexico City and what it says is, David Atlee Phillips is TDY up at headquarters, and this is just a couple of days after Oswald left Mexico City, Phillips takes off from CIA headquarters and then goes down through JM/WAVE. He (Phillips) is going to arrive on 7 October down there in Miami. Then he will be back to the Mexico City station on the 9th

"Now headquarters has got to respond, CIA headquarters has got to respond to Mexico City and what I'm showing you here, is something; and you have to notify the FBI, and the Navy, and the State Department, and they have been exchanging information for 4 years on Oswald, that is going to happen on the 10th, and we are going to go to that after we look at this because, in other words we are going to look at the story now, the virus, move from CIA to Navy, and State Department, and FBI on the 10th. But, in the FBI, the day before, on the 9th of October, 1963 this happens.

"You see, ever since Oswald "defected" the first time, on Thanks; no it wasn't, it was-
Me - "Halloween."

"Halloween, 1959, he, you know, threatened to give up military secrets to the Soviet Union, they issued a flash on him in the FBI, put a watch on him, so that anything that came into the FBI, any information or even an inquiry had to be send to Espionage Section, Division 5, and that had been in place since 1959, November 1959.

"Now, the day before the Mexico City story hits the FBI they cancel the flash on Oswald. This is an example of what I'm talking about, dimming the switches.

"And the person who did that we [now] know. Just a few months ago we had some more documents released.

"This is from a large memo where Hoover punished everybody who touched the Mexico City story. It's a wonderful; I don't mean, it's not wonderful to relish in the punishment of other human beings, but Hoover you know, with that big thick pen of his writes in such earthy language, it's just great, 'YES,' that's Hoover, 'YES, SEND THIS GUY TO SIBERIA!'


"Anyway, this particular one here it happens to be Marvin Gheesling. And I was able to connect this with the one I just showed you, see, I found this. I had it in my files for years and never knew what to do with it. I just knew it was kind of significant, and I always wondered who canceled the flash on Oswald in the FBI?

"Well, guess what? He did!

"There it is. He removed it. On 9/10/63. It's all in here. Here's his demotion, censures and everything, what Hoover did to him when Hoover found out that he did it.

From the audience, "Who?" and "What was the name?"

"Gheesling. And Hoover punished him for having canceled the flash.

[Author's note- I want to insert in here a passage from James Hosty's book Assignment Oswald" from page 166:

"Marvin Gheesling, an FBI supervisor in the Soviet Espionage section at headquarters in Washington was transferred to Detroit, but because he was a war veteran he could not be penalized with a pay reduction without a Civil Service hearing and an appeal. Instead, Hoover busted him to field agent and allowed him to keep his supervisor's rate of pay. Gheesling's crime? He had the unfortunate luck of authorizing the closing of the Oswald case in October 1962."

Someone's got the date wrong. Or perhaps I'm confusing closing the case with canceling the flash. I wish I had the document John describes to compare with Hosty's account, but I don't ]

"Now, the next day the story hits. And this is it. This is the CIA headquarters,... there are two parts to it, this happens to be the response to Mexico City. And within two hours they are going to respond to Mexico City And then they are going to notify all of Washington, and I am going to take you through all of that.

"Here's the response to Mexico City, 'Yeah, Oswald. Okay, well, we know about him. We got some stuff on him up here. Our latest information is May '62.'

[See page 512 of "Oswald and the CIA". Also, Document #104-100015-10048 from the 3rd batch.]

"All right, now a lot of you in this audience know better than that. KNOW what Oswald did for the previous 18 months, in New Orleans, in fistfights, being on TV, being in court, being in [the] jailhouse, asking to be interviewed by the FBI [and indeed was interviewed by an FBI agent whilst in jail, FBI agent John J. Quigly.]

"Yeah, it was a high profile activity, and the FBI wrote many memoranda about it and sent 'em into the CIA.

"In fact here's all the people who signed off on that. "John Scelso", Ann Egerter, from Angleton's mole-hunting unit, Jane Roman from the liaison section in CI, and Stephan Roll, [from] the Counterintelligence section of [the] Soviet Russia division, signed off, William Hood, acting for J.C. King and Thomas Karamissines, the # 3 guy, or #4 guy, actually the assistant deputy director for plans, all sign off on this lemon 'our latest information on Oswald is May '62.' 
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