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Mexico City­A New Analysis
John Newman
at November in Dallas JFK Lancer Conference
Friday, November 19, 1999

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 "Here is a cover sheet for an August '62,...

"...this happens to be [FBI agent] Fain's report in August of '62 on Oswald. And here's all the people in the CIA who read it. All these people read it okay? So, it would be wrong to say that our latest information is May '62 when half the agency just read another report written in August '62, wouldn't it? [See p. 499 'Oswald and the CIA" Also, RIF# 104-10015-10043 in the 11th batch. ]

"We can continue. This one here is [FBI agent] Hosty's report of 10 September, 1963.

[See p. 501 of Oswald and the CIA. Also, Document # 104-10015-10045 from the 8th batch]

"And here's all the people who read it. There's Jane Roman (Counterintelligence/Liason), there's Stephan Roll, here's Ann Egerter(Counterintelligence/Special Investigations Group). There's Jane Roman, right there, all those people who signed off on that have been sitting there reading it. In fact they're reading it that week. This happens to be September,1963.

"And here's another one, here's the letterhead memorandum out of New Orleans, 9/24/63. Here's all the people who read this.

[See p. 502 of Oswald and the CIA. Also, Document # 104-10015-10046 from the 5th batch.]

"There's Jane Roman again, there she is. Annie Egerter . And this is the life and times of Oswald in New Orleans, you know, the "fight", the whole story, [it's] in the CIA, all [these] people reading it, yet you know they say this, [latest information is May '62.]


"Well, I wrote about this in my book, rather extensively, but I was unable to interpret it at the time because I didn't have the paradigm I gave you tonight, I just knew that it was operational. People in the CIA don't get up one morning and say, 'Hey, I think I'll go and make up a story today. It'll be fun.' They don't do that. When they do something like this, when they say something that is untrue, in fact I got Jane Roman to admit it, 'I'm signing off on something I know isn't true.'

[See p. 405 of Oswald and the CIA]

But, fortunately, Jeff Morley from The Washington Post was there and we had two tape recorders going because there is a big brouhaha about it now. There is a web site close to being put together on this, but anyway, she admitted it here.

"If you say we haven't heard anything on Oswald since May '62, what are you doing? What are you deleting from the record? Headquarter's knowledge of Oswald's Cuban escapades.

"And who are you deceiving? Mexico City.

"You are lowering the signature, dimming the switches, lowering the profile of Oswald. WHERE? In Mexico City.

"Remember, we've got several places if we are going to, if this virus has been planted, we've got to keep it quiet, we don't want people getting upset about this and, you know, investigating Oswald and going crazy, you have to do things like this, so all these pieces, these disparate pieces, guess what? They all make sense. They all tend to do what? Lower Oswald's profile.

"And this is just one more of them. Here is the cable to the FBI, Navy, and State Dept. Also on the 10th.

[See p. 513 of Oswald and the CIA. RIF # 104-10015-10052.]

"There's something, well, I have a blow up of it, but I will just tell you, they deleted the most important part from it, Kostikov is missing. They didn't tell State Dept., they didn't tell FBI, and they didn't tell Navy that Oswald had been talking to a guy who was head of assassinations for the entire Western Hemisphere.

"Oversight? Coincidence?


"Now, what is it doing? It's dimming the switches, it's lowering the profile. Where? Washington, D.C.

"And here's the guy who received it at headquarters, FBI. And here's how Hoover punished him for not doing anything about it. His name was Mr. Elbert Turner.

[Again, from Hosty's book, p. 166
"Elbert 'Burt' Turner, a unit chief supervisor in the Soviet Espionage Section at FBI headquarters lost two grades of pay and was ordered transferred to Milwaukee simply for having failed to ask for the file on Oswald before November 22, 1963.]

"He's the one who actually received the 10/10 teletype from the CIA. And actually we found out that on the day of the assassination there was a pile of papers sitting on his desk awaiting action. The SSCI, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence wrote that.

"Now the next step here is 16 October, 1963. This is from Win Scott to the Ambassador [Thomas Mann]. And what he says, and it's written to a lot of other people like The Minister, whoever that is, that's got to be a high level Mexican person, [I think this is Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. Ordaz was a close personal friend of Win Scott, Thomas Mann, and LBJ. He was the Minister of the Mexican Ministery of the Interior, or Gobernacion. See Scott, DPII p. 37] the Consul D'Affairs, the legal attache, the Naval attache, and INS had various files on Oswald down there. And what does it say? It tells the story of Kostikov. Oswald meeting with Kostikov.

"And here is the FBI unit down there having received it 2 days later saying, 'Hey, FBI headquarters, guess what we just found out? Oswald met with Kostikov.'

"And here's the guy at FBI headquarters who received that and did nothing and how he was punished by Hoover for doing nothing.

"Isn't it interesting? Hoover punished them all, everybody who touched the Mexico City story got censured, demoted, there's like 33 of them that are sent off to like the motorcycle squad in Kansas City. You know who that was.

Someone from the audience gives the incorrect name.

"No! That was James Hosty! I'm sorry, if you're here Jim. I don't think he is here. But, well, but he did, I mean, he got demoted too, we'll get to that. Hoover was really relentless, but he didn't just punish him once, he punished him twice! This is early December, 1963, and then after the Warren Commission issued its report, he did it again! Even though his subordinates said, 'Boss, you can't do this, this is double jeopardy. The Civil Service Commission says don't do this.' Hoover said, 'Uh-uh, I'll do it if I want.'

"And here we have the INS, what they do, the INS unit down there in Mexico City is they send a lateral communication to Dallas, Texas to the INS people in Dallas, Texas. This guy. Mr. Jeff Woolsey here, in the INS office and they tell him about Kostikov and Hosty walks in one day and Mr. Woolsey tells him, 'Hey, hot story out of Mexico City.' And Hosty says, 'What?' And Woolsey goes, 'Oh, you don't know? Well, then I guess I can't tell you.'

[Assignment Oswald p. 48
"Later that month, shortly after I received the New Orleans memo I returned to the INS office to check on another case. Jeff Woolsey, the chief clerk at the INS office said, 'Hey Jim, what do you think of Lee Oswald being in Mexico City and making contact with the Russians a little while ago?'

'I didn't know that,' I replied. 'Can I see that communication?'

'I can't sorry, Jim.,' Woolsey said somewhat embarrassed.

He couldn't show me the communication because of the third agency rule. If agency A has information it chooses to share with agency B, agency B is not allowed to share that information with agency C. This is the rule because if agency A wanted C to have the information it would have given it to C. The rule exists to assure security of classified and sensitive information. In this case I represented agency C. Woolsey agency B. From the little Woolsey had let slip I had surmised that agency A was the CIA.

Back at the office I sent an urgent overnight air communication, what the FBI calls an Airtel to FBI headquarters and the New Orleans office reporting what Woolsey told me. I asked the New Orleans office to respond. By return mail I received information even more detailed than what Woolsey apparently had: FBI headquarters had been provided with information from the CIA just as the INS, Navy, and State Dept. had. This information had logically been forwarded to our New Orleans office, which had the Oswald file.

When I received this information in late October from New Orleans I saw the communication was dated October 18, 1963 the CIA report said that Lee Oswald had been in Mexico City and had made contact with V. V. Kostikov, a vice consul at the Soviet embassy there. Per Bureau procedure, if Kostikov had been a KGB agent, or anything more it was the duty of headquarters to note this for the agent in the field. They had not done this so I figured Kostikov was just a simple administrative officer at the embassy. The communication was labeled, "No Further Dissemination" which meant I was prohibited from further discussing these matters with any other agency."]

"Anyway, here's what Hoover did to him (Hosty) for that because he held the investigation into Oswald in abeyance, in abeyance after Mr. Woolsey told him that. So, he got nailed for that, and so did Mr. Hosty's boss, Mr. Howe for holding it in abeyance after getting the word from the INS. That's Hoover's handwriting, pretty ugly.

"Okay, that's pre-assassination. We are going to go to 11/22 now. Oh no, what we are going to do real quick, there's a bunch of stuff I put in there last night, so let me put that up. I wanted to share with you something. I copied the contents of the FBI file on Mexico City and it's pretty astounding. I want to show it to you right now, a couple of things, because it shows that something is going on down there in November.

"They are actively investigating Lee Harvey Oswald, the FBI is, in Mexico City. And this is pretty astonishing stuff. And not all of it has been declassified yet, I just want to share that with you. All of those memos that I was showing you, that the CIA was reading on Oswald, the FBI memos that were sent over to the CIA, well they are sent down to Mexico City, to the FBI office. And what I blew up for you is, this here is the stamp,

[Author's note- John showed a color slide of the stamp the Mexico City legat used, kind of a received stamp.]

"-the legat in Mexico City, so you can see I blew it up, October 28th, this just happens to be Fain's report from '62. We just saw the CIA cover sheet on this a minute ago.

"And this is Hosty's report 9/10/63. See? 20 October? They sent a bunch of this stuff down to the legat in Mexico City. So, they've got the whole story down there. You know, the whole Cuban story, it's in Mexico City, at the FBI office.

"Here's another one, this one happens to be the New Orleans piece of this, the New Orleans FBI reports, again 28 October.

"It is important to see. I want you to see this because they have the full story up to this point, when they start investigating this, there's the Woolsey story, we saw it a minute ago, again 1 November, they send it down on 1 November to the FBI Office in Mexico City.

"And then we see some really interesting stuff. There's a guy by the name of Peck down there, C.B. Peck, who is investigating, this is Oswald's Mexico City file, FBI Mexico City file # 105-3702. And look at this! What's that? He does this on the 4th of November, 1963. And you're not allowed to know what it is. You don't have a need to know.

"This is on the 6th of November, this is Peck again, 'All Southern informants, including contacts Cuban and Soviet Groups contacted without result.'

"They are chasing the Cuban story down in Mexico City on the 6th of November, the FBI is in any event.

"All contacts with Mexican subversive organizations contacted. 11/6/63.'

"That's a lot of work.

"Mr. Crawford contacts Gobernacion, the Mexican government, and then on the 23rd of November, right after the assassination he gets this. I think it's a tape. I don't know what it is. Anyway, I find it intriguing. Unanticipated. Allegedly, nobody knows anything from Adam down there, especially about the Cuban story until after the assassination. That's what we have been told. And the legat and the CIA have been working hand in glove together, and here's the FBI gets sent down the whole dump on 28 October and this guy Peck and Crawford are running around all over Mexico City, you know, asking everybody about Oswald. So, I found that a little bit interesting.

"Okay, so this here is the Washington Field Office of the FBI. It happens to be a couple of days before the assassination and they just intercepted a letter that Oswald wrote to the Soviet embassy up in Washington, D.C. talking about his meeting with 'Comrade Kostin' [Kostin is a pseudonym for Kostikov] in Mexico City and so they are sending this to the FBI Director. So, here, you know we find the, again by the hand of LHO the virus is spreading again, only we are getting very close to the date (of the assassination).

"Okay, that's all I have to show you prior to 11/22 and then we start in, then the shots ring out in Dealey Plaza, and it's quite interesting to see what happens.

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