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file folder D107. Mexico City "Lopez" Report
Final release October 1996: "Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City " report classified for over 20 years. RIF 180-10110-10484
over 400 pages

file folder D109 - K. John Scelso Interview
HSCA , Released October 1996: contains information on: Yuri Noenko, CIA association with Oswald, Oswald Russian Defection Period, CIA methodology, Oswald Post Russian Periods, Travel, Trip to Mexico City. RIF 180-10131-10330
192 pages

file folder
Anne L. Goodpasture Deposition
December 1995 and April 23, 1998: Worked for CIA in Mexico City Station under Winston Scott; responsible for indentification of LHO in his dealings with the Cuban Embassy in Mexico; connected with super-secret "Staff D" communication intercepts and ZR/RIFLE assassination project.
170 pages
file folder
James J. Angleton Interview
Released 9-16-96. HSCA RIF 180-10110-10006
278 pages

file folder
D109 - I.
David Slawson Trip to Mexico City - Warren Commission 4-22-64
178 pages

file folder RICHARD CASE NAGELL Chronology and Documents by Larry Hancock Presented at the JFK Lancer 1999 November In Dallas Conference. 250 pages $25.00

      • Section 1: THE BANK INCIDENT
      • Section 2: THE MAN
      • Section 3: GOING PUBLIC

Donated from the Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko Collection. Over 200 papers released from the National Archives. Fascinating material on a triple agent who may have had knowledge that Lee Oswald worked for a government agency. (Spiral Bound) $25.00  

October 1996 Release
file folder D109 -A. CIA Mexico City Station-misc., 270 pages.
file folder
D109 - F. CIA Chronology, LHO In Mexico City, 512 pages.
file folder
D109 - G. CIA Chronology, LHO In Russia, 312 pages

December 1995 Releases
file folder
CIA Mexico City Station: Gilbert Lopez Investigation, Silvia Duran Interrogation, Alvarodo Interrogation, Cuban Airlines Investigation, Fidel Castro, Embassy Surveillance tapes, Renewal of "BESMOOTH" Project, Kostikov, Misc.communications.

KAC Mar 96

KAC Vol. 2, Issue 1, March, 1996 ARRB Document Releasing History, Summaries on December 1995 (Batch 3) Releases by Joe Backes. $8.00


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