Materials and Information from Joseph Backes, JFK Assassination Expert

The NID Doug Horne Presentation (Transcript of NID'98 by Joe Backes)

A Fragment of Truth: Bullet Fragment Testing

The John Newman NID Presentation Mexico City: A New Analysis (Transcript of NID'99 by Joe Backes)

Oswald and McWatters' Bus and John Armstrong's "new look" at the Tippit Shooting 1998 by Joseph Backes

JFK Assassination Records Review Board JFK Lancer Information Page

ARRB Testimony of Joe Backes - Dallas, Texas -- November 18, 1994 Hearing

ARRB Q and A Transcript by Joe Backes

July 8, 1998 ARRB Open Meeting Transcript

July 21, 1998 ARRB Open Meeting transcript

May 18, 1998 ARRB Director Jeremy Gunn at Stanford

Back Issues of "Fair Play" Magazine Backes' Document Reviews

Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board September 1998

Martin Luther King, Jr. /James Earl Ray Civil Trial

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