Monday, December 24, 2007

A Kennedy Christmas

The country came to know Caroline Kennedy as its princess during the early 1960s.

As one of the White House's youngest occupants, Kennedy became part of Camelot's myth. But as an adult, Kennedy has carved out her own identity, including editing best-selling books and co-authoring another.

Her latest book, "A Family Christmas," is a collection of Christmas-related poems, prose, letters and other writings most dear to her. The anthology even includes a young Kennedy's Christmas list to Santa Claus and a letter from President Kennedy to a child about Santa's well-being.

Kennedy also visited the Operation Santa Claus, which is an annual program sponsored by the New York Post Office where people can write responses to the letters children send to Santa and the North Pole.

To learn more about Operation Santa Claus contact your local post office and read a portion of "A Family Christmas" below.

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