Saturday, January 5, 2008

Waldron and Hartmann to Publish New Book on JFK Murder

The authors of "Ultimate Sacrifice" will publish a new book in May 2008 on the murder of John F. Kennedy. Called "Legacy of Secrecy; The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination" the book will attempt to go beyond their previous one to show how Robert F. Kennedy continued to investigate his brother's death, even as Mafia dons conspired to hide the truth. "Ultimate Sacrifice" put forth the theory that JFK was attempting to orchestrate a coup in Cuba at the time of his death which is what necessitated an extensive government cover up of the real facts of the President's murder. "Legacy of Secrecy" claims to base some startling revelations on interviews with 24 of Robert Kennedy's associates as well as "newly declassified government files."

This new book promises to reveal:

  • That the FBI obtained a confession from Carlos Marcello of his role in the assassination.

  • FBI files of meetings between New Orleans mafia boss Carlos Marcello, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.

  • Some U.S. officials engaged in a cover-up for legitimate reasons, while others hid the CIA/Mafia attempts to assassinate Castro.

  • Contacts between James Earl Ray, Marcello, and a white supremacist who was involved in the president's murder as well as Martin Luther King's.

  • The last mysteries of Watergate and the roles of Richard Helms and E. Howard Hunt in the break-in; why they recruited Cuban exiles for the job and just what Richard Nixon sought to find.

Published by Counterpoint Press. Release date of May 28, 2008.


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