Tuesday, August 26, 2008

JFK Researchers Receive Prestigious Award

Researchers at Texas A&M University that did careful scientific work to debunk previous analysis of the bullets used in the murder of John F. Kennedy were granted the 2008 Statistics in Chemistry Award by the American Statisitical Association. Dr. Cliff Spiegelman and Dr. Simon J. Sheather, professors of statistics in the Texas A&M Department of Statistics, and Dr. William D. James, a research chemist with the Texas A&M Center for Chemical Characterization and Analysis published their work in 2007. Using new compositional analysis techniques that were not available in the 1960's they concluded that the bullet fragments used in the murder were not at all as rare as previously concluded. Their work cast serious doubt on the Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) relied on by the House Assassinations Committee under its chief counsel, Robert Blakey. In light of the new study Blakey now refers to the NAA analysis as "junk science".
Also sharing in the award for their roles in the joint project: William A. Tobin, former Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) agent and forensic scientist; D. Max Roundhill, former head of the Department of Chemistry at Washington State University and a current consultant with Austin-based Chem Consulting; and Stuart Wexler, a humanities and advanced placement government instructor at Highstown High School in New Jersey.

See: http://media-newswire.com/release_1071753.html

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