Saturday, September 27, 2008

New JFK Film to be Released; Focus on Hyannisport and Family Life

"I always go to Hyannisport to be revived, to know again the power of the sea and the Master who rules over it and all of us."— John F. Kennedy

In the summers of 1961-63 John F. Kennedy enjoyed spending time at what was known as the "family compound" of the Kennedys in Hyannisport. Now a new film will bring back those summers. Entitled "At the Center of the World; Hyannisport and the Presidency of John F. Kennedy" the film will feature rarely seen footage obtained from the Kennedy Library and it will include the memories of Hyannisport residents who came to know the president during his often informal jaunts around town. Everyone living on the Cape in the early 1960s remembers the young and vigorous man who captivated the American public as president. John Kennedy could be at ease with heads of state as well as ordinary citizens. As his brother, Senator Ted Kennedy, recalls, “He was a charmer and loved to mingle with people at all levels. He was agreeable, affable, warm and welcoming.”
Ed Semprini a journalist at the time recalled the president asking permission to play through Semprini's foursome at the Hyannisport Golf Club : “He was very courteous and asked if we would join him on the next hole. We told him it would be a great honor. There were a lot of people watching and I stood on that tee and said to myself, I don’t care where you hit the ball, for goodness sake, just hit it. And I did, sending it just short of the green. We let the president putt out and go ahead of us. It was a wonderful memory.”
While its primary focus will be on the family life of JFK it will also refer to the major events of the Kennedy administration. Unlike many other films on JFK, "Hyannis Port" captures "more of Kennedy as a person and a family man through the stories these folks tell," says producer-writer-director Andrew Fone of Centerville. "What struck me most was the emotion people recall even though it was 45 years ago." The film will make its debut on October 3 at the Hyannisport Club. Copies of the film will be available on DVD after October 3. For more information see the website of the JFK Hyannisport Museum :


Friday, September 26, 2008

Talbot and Morley's Suit Dismissed

Judge Richard Leon has ruled against Jefferson Morley and David Talbot in their suit to win access to certain State Department records concerning George Joannides and David Morales. The ruling merely cited CIA's exemption from FOIA suits, and the possibility of damage to "covert operations" if the material were released. The full text of the ruling is here:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

JFK Conference Hosted by University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota is hosting a conference on the presidency and assassination of John F. Kennedy from Sept. 25-27. The program includes keynote addresses by Theodore Sorensen, long time adviser to JFK, and author Richard Reeves. The agenda includes some discussion of the assassination. The program commemorates the 45th anniversary of President Kennedy's visit to Grand Forks. Sessions that deal specifically with the assassination will discuss photographic evidence and these will be chaired by Judge John Tunheim and Dr. James Fetzer. Other participants are Gary Severson, John Williams, and Ross Rolston.

The conference will include a memorial ceremony, and remarks from those who witnessed JFK's visit on September 25, 1963. Former North Dakota governor William L. Guy will speak on the time he spent with President Kennedy. Other prominent figures from campus and the community will also address the audience. In addition, a special trumpet fanfare composed by Michael Wittgraf has been commissioned for the event. The full schedule is here:


Thursday, September 18, 2008

New JFK Bullet Analysis Draws Further Interest

The University of Kentucky hosted a presentation featuring the award winning study of the JFK bullet analysis which casts doubt on the theory that the bullets used in the murder of John F. Kennedy came from one gunman. Dr. Simon Sheather, one of the authors of the study spoke on the findings on September 18 at the William T. Young Library Auditorium.
From news channel 18, Lexington Kentucky:"A Texas A&M professor who spoke at the University of Kentucky Thursday says there's good reason to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the only person responsible for the murder of John F. Kennedy.Through his research, Dr. Simon Sheather has lent a fresh perspective to the decades old debate over who shot JFK on November 22, 1963 in Dallas. "I was a 5-year-old child in Australia (at the time of the assassination) and I didn't grow up with all of the theories," said Dr. Sheather.Now a statistician at Texas A&M, Dr. Sheather reopened the evidence against Oswald and looked specifically at the tests run on the bullets from the crime scene by a respected chemist."(The chemist) found three of the fragments matched, like three pieces of an M&M fit together," said Dr. Sheather. "And two of the other fragments matched, meaning there were just two bullets and one shooter - Lee Harvey Oswald."But what if today's more advanced bullet testing found there were three bullets? That could mean Lee Harvey Oswald had an accomplice. "We're pushing for the case to have the bullet fragments from the JFK assassination reanalyzed," said Dr. Sheather. "They're in the national archive. Have them reanalyzed. I think it's more likely than not that there was a third bullet in play."For Dr. Sheather, the odds of that are great enough that he thinks history needs a review and possibly, a rewrite. "Justice is always a good thing," he said."

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