Saturday, April 25, 2009

E. Howard Hunt. Murky pasts and clandestine motives

E. Howard Hunt Firing Line Interview with Wm. F. Buckley"

Shadowy figures from our deep-dark past. The name E. Howard Hunt will always be synonymous with Watergate and Nixon, but his ties to the CIA and clandestine activities go back further. It's interesting how, with all the revelations and allegations regarding the Bush Administration, there had to be some model established, some precedent set for a White House run amok. It's been said that Karl Rove looks like a rank amateur compared to the likes of Hunt. Between this interview and the deathbed confession, that assessment would seem to be spot-on.

Here is an interview, in its entirety from the Firing Line series hosted by Hunt's long time friend, Godfather of his children and executor of his wife's estate, William F. Buckley from May 12, 1974.


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