Wednesday, October 21, 2009

November In Dallas 2009 Updates

2009 November in Dallas Research Conference
Networking...Authors...New Topics

JFK Lancer has scheduled some of world's the leading researchers and the latest published authors to speak at November in Dallas 2009. And although that is strong motivation to attend the conference, networking with the attendees - an interesting, dynamic and diverse group of individuals - will also add to your NID experience. We hope you are making plans to be with us to commemorate the 46th anniversary of President Kennedy's death not only to hear our speakers, but to share your comments on the exciting topics being addressed.

And don't forget the author's tables! This is your opportunity to speak with authors of long respected publications in the JFK research field and newly released works that are sure to get you thinking.

Register NOW

Remember, the banquet is included in the registration fee so you not only have an opportunity to hear the latest presentations, but also to sample the fare at the Adolphus Hotel. Last year we enjoyed that boast superlative cuisine at the banquet. USA Today recently featured the Zagat Survey's 100 Top Hotel Restaurants in America. Based on on food quality, decor, and service, The Adolphus' French Room is listed as number one! Conference attendees raved about this location, so you are certain to enjoy your stay.

Adolphus Hotel blocked rooms are limited so
register today for the discounted rate.

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