Friday, January 15, 2010

What's the Big Deal?: The Manchurian Candidate


Ever since Watergate increased the paranoia level in American politics, just about everyone who has run for president has at some point been called a "Manchurian candidate." It is not a compliment. It means the speaker believes that this person has been programmed by evildoers -- communists, terrorists, whoever -- to seek public office, gain power, and then unleash the enemy's nefarious plans from within. What it really means, of course, is that the speaker doesn't like or trust the candidate. Hard evidence that Obama or Bush or McCain or Clinton or anyone else was actually brainwashed is difficult to come by. Brainwashers are stealthy that way.


Anonymous Evan Yu said...

I must say I am very impressed by the materials posted on this blog. Glad to know that someone is working to preserve JFK's legacy!

January 20, 2010 2:42 PM  
Blogger Bottle Blonde said...

Thank you! Your comment is appreciated.

January 20, 2010 2:56 PM  

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