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Matt Damon Feels The Pressure Playing A Kennedy

Friday, March 12, 2010 10:24AM - By Krystal Clark
matt damon robert f kennedy 12 3 10 kc Matt Damon Feels The Pressure Playing A Kennedy
A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that our favorite blue-eyed, strawberry blond Matt Damon would star as one of the most influential men in American history. There were reports that the Oscar winning screenwriter and nominated actor had been tapped to play Robert F. Kennedy in a biopic. Since the announcement we haven’t heard much from the actor regarding the story but while he’s been out promoting his latest film Green Zone, he finally confirmed the casting and his fears about playing the politician.

Damon recently spoke about the pressure he feels taking on the role of Kennedy who was gunned down in 1968 just five years after his brother John. The upcoming biopic will be directed by Gary Ross who previously helmed the drama Seabiscuit, and the script will be written by Steven Knight. The actor confirmed that he would take on the title role in the film if he takes a shining to the screenplay.
With the prospect of playing a Kennedy comes great responsibility. RFK was a real person that many people today have memories of and whenever you take on someone like that it’s bound to be challenging. Damon knows that he can tackle the part but admits that there’s added pressure for him to do well since both he and Kennedy are Massachusetts natives.
“Well I don’t know that I can (play him well). It’s part of the challenge, but I’m pretty confident I could do it. It would be a lot of research and time put in. Where I come from, he’s a pretty important person and it’s a lot of responsibility … the script comes in in a few weeks and hopefully (it’s) a good script.”
Damon’s a great actor and in my opinion he was born to play this guy. He has the looks for it and the talent’s definitely there, we just need him to revamp his Bostonian accent from The Departed and we might be on to something. Lets cross our fingers that the script is good, because if it’s not this will be such a missed opportunity.

Source: Ace Showbiz


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