Thursday, March 4, 2010

Planet News Article, Jackson Hole Wy | Report and audio exclusive: The JFK tape | 3/2/2010

President Kennedy visited Jackson Hole
two months before his assassination. Nearly 47 years later, a radio recording surfaces.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Before 1963, no American president had ever visited Grand Teton National Park. That changed when a DC-6 carrying President John F. Kennedy landed at Jackson Hole Airport on Sept. 25 of that year. He would be assassinated two months later.

Though many today still remember Kennedy’s visit, the occasion may come as news to a number of Jackson Hole residents. The moment is a footnote in American history.

But recently an audio tape has surfaced that brings JFK’s historic visit back to life. The recording contains Kennedy’s voice and documents his first impressions of Jackson Hole and the Tetons.


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