Friday, February 19, 2010

The Love In The Room Between Bobby And Jimmy (Kennedy and Hoffa) 1959 | Newstalgia

(Robert F. Kennedy at the Teamsters Racketeering Hearings 1959 - 
air so thick you could mix concrete with it)

Robert F. Kennedy: “I feel that in our investigation that we have shown that Mister Hoffa has made collusive deals with employers, that he’s betrayed the Union membership, that he sold out the Union membership, that he’s put gangsters and racketeers in important positions of power within the Teamsters Union, that he’s misused Union funds. (follow the heading link to listen)

When Robert F. Kennedy took Lead Council in the Senate Subcommittee Hearings on Racketeering and Corruption in the Teamsters Union, an investigation that took over two years to complete, Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters Union President was more than in the hot seat, he was about to have his empire disintegrate.

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