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Spring 1995

SPRING 1995 Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Basic Training: The Manlicher Carcano, Craig Roberts
  • Interview With “Mr. X” Fletcher Prouty, Part Two, Gary James
  • Firearms, Photographs, Lee Harvey Oswald, Ian Griggs
  • A Conversation With Ronald C. Jones, M.D., Brad Parker
  • A Book Review Reviewed: KILL ZONE, Craig Roberts
  • Project JFK: Kansas Students Comment On Trip To Dallas


SUMMER 1995 Volume 1, Issue 2

  • A Conversation With Ronald C. Jones, M.D., Brad Parker
  • A Book Review Reviewed: KILL ZONE, Craig Roberts
  • Project JFK: Kansas Students Comment On To Dallas
  • Letters From A Dallas Jail: Jack Ruby’s letter about his role
  • Now Appearing At the Carousel, Ian Griggs
  • Conspiracy of Silence Broken, Charles Crenshaw, M.D.
  • This Dirty Rumor, George Michael Evica
  • An Open Letter by Marina Oswald Porter
  • Harold Weisberg The Chronicles Interview, Debra Crouch-Conway
  • Video Reviews by Tom Hudson
  • Paul Peters, M.D. Thirty Years After Warren, Brad J. Parker
  • Ed Hoffman’s Changing Story Never Changed,Ron Friedrich
  • Fletcher Prouty In New Zealand, David Perry
  • Roger and Me, Richard Barthlowmew

FALL 1995 Volume 1, Issue 3

  • Camelot, The Theodore H. White Interview With Jackie
  • Missing Parkland Witnesses, Brad Parker
  • Ed Hoffman vs Badgeman, Ron Friedrich
  • Roger and Me, Part II, Richard Bartholomew
  • The President, The Patsy, and The Press, Ian Griggs
  • What’s In A Name? Warren Caster’s Story, Rick Caster
  • The Chronicles Interview: Tom Samoluk of the ARRB, Debra Conway
  • Solved!, Hal Verb
  • Parallels, Oswald and McVeigh, Craig Roberts
  • On The Psychiatric Evidence For The Lone Nut Theory, Dr. Samuel F. Kritzberg
  • Emmett Hudson and Jack Lawrence, Some Unanswered Bridger
KAC Issue 1995-02

WINTER 1995 Volume 1, Issue 4

  • What Happened on November 22, 1963? George Michael Evica
  • The Bolton Ford Dealership Story: Gerard F. Tujaque, JFK Blood Evidence: What does the blood tell us?, Sherry Gutierrez, Crime Scene Expert
  • Trauma Room One: A Resourse: 17 Physicians Placed, Russell Kent
  • Known Personnel in and out of Trauma Room One: Parkland Memorial Hospital 12:38pm2:08pm 11/22/63, Brad J. Parker and Charles Crenshaw, M.D.
  • Unlikely Witnessess: Which side would have called Ronald Fischer and Ronald E. Edwards? Ian Griggs
  • Best Witness: JFK’s Limousine, by Anthony Marsh
  • ARRB Documents History, Joe Backes
  • From Rio to Nassau, Information exchange with Cuban Officals, Gordon Winslow
  • Reviews: Oswald and The CIA, by Frank DeBenedectis “The Truth Shall Set You Free”:The Men Who Killed Kennedy, Part 6, Tom Hudson
  • The Man Who Wasn’t There: The Secret Serviceman behind the picket fence? Chris Mills

SPRING 1996 Volume 2, Issue 1

  • No Mentesana Rifle, What Weapon Does The Film Show? by Anthony Marsh
  • And We Are All Still Mortal, Thomas Dodd and Lee Harvey Oswald by George Michael Evica
  • Ordering the Rifle, A Search For Truth, Martha Moyer
  • An Open Letter, A Hero For Our Time: Gary Raymond
  • Behind the Lines, Writing and Research Requirements, An Educational Outreach by George Michael Evica
  • The Man Who Wasn’t There, Was There, Research Notes and Review by Michael Griffith
  • ARRB Document Releasing History, Batch 3 by Joe Backes
  • Oswald Smiling, The Tale of the Tooth, by Richard Bartholomew
  • The Earliest Evidence, What Did The Parkland Doctors Really Say? by Russell Kent

    SUMMER 1996 Vol. 2, Issue 2

    • Jim Garrison:In History and Film, George Michael Evica
    • Trapped by Their Own Words: The Dallas Police, Jack White
    • Stranger in a Strange Land: Kennedy in the Maelstrom, Jim Hargrove
    • Richard Bissell: The Man Who Couldn’t Kill Castro, Jane Sitko
    • Understanding Silvia Odio: What the LaFontaines Don’t Tell You, Steve N. Bochan
    • The Chronicles Interview: Gaeton Fonzi, Part 1, Steve Bochan with Gordon Winslow
    • Internet Resources: Searching R.I.F.’s on the Internet, Chris Courtwright
    • Federal Register Updates:and Batch 4,
    • Joe Backes James Files’ Confession: A Letter from Files to Tom M. Hudson
    • Student Contributor:”Eyewitness Account”, Carrie Gallagher

    FALL 1996 Volume 2, Issue 3

    • Pieces of the Jigsaw: Glimpses of the Real Lee Harvey Oswald, Martin Shackelford
    • Speaking Out: Odio, LaFontaines, and Oswald "A Conversation With Gaeton Fonzi",
      Part Two: Steve Bochan, with Gordon Winslow "Elrod Talked And It’s About Time: Raymond Carroll
    • The Strange Allegations of Raymond Carnay, Chris Courtwright
    • A Photo Essay: The ARRB in Los Angeles by Clint Bradford
    • Statements from: Marina Oswald Porter, David Lifton, Robert Tannenbaum
    • The New Improved Limousine Ride: Pro and Con, John Balantyne and John Kelin
    • Our Guest Speaker: Charles Drago, Santayana Gets The Last Laugh -- Again
    1996 V 2 Issue 4

    WINTER 1996 Volume 2, Issue 4

    • The JFK Case: What Does the Blood Tell Us? Sherry Gutierrez
    • An ARRB Update, Joe Backes
    • 20 Questions: Loose Ends in the JFK Assassination, Jerry Rose
    • The Zapruder Film and the Language of Proof, James Fetzer
    • The Zapruder Film and the President’s Wounds, David Lifton
    • Hemming Does Dallas, Charles Drago
    • Student’s Symposium, James Sawa and Glen Vasbinder
    • Witnesses To History, Mark Oakes-Witnesses Panel
    • The Paschall Film: Movement Behind the Fence, Greg Jaynes-Witnesses Panel

    SPRING 1997 Volume 3, Issue 1

    • Dr. Robert McClelland in Trauma Room One, Brad Parker
    • Oswald In Aliceland , Chris W. Courtwright
    • The Gun That Didn’t Smoke, Walter F. Graf and Richard R. Bartholomew
    • A Clue Of Singularity: Lee Harvey Oswald and the History of Presidential Assailants, Angus E. Crane
    • Prelude: The “Taking” of the Zapruder Film, Jeremy Gunn, ARRB General Counsel
    • The Unseen Hand: A Book Review, Craig Roberts
    • Letters To The Chronicles, featuring Martin Shackelford on the Z film alteration

    SUMMER 1997 Volume 3, Issue 2

    • JFK Information on the Internet, A close look at disinformation on McAdams’ web page. David Lifton

    • What Have You Got There, Jack? A brief examination of Ruby’s possessions at the time of his arrest. Ian Griggs
    • Jolly Green Giant, A personal look back at D.A. Jim Garrison’s case against Clay Shaw, Art Keven
    • The Magic Fragment and Other Stories, Milicent Cranor
    • Gerald Ford’s Terrible Fiction: The Ford-Rankin Document, George Michael Evica,
    • Reasonable Doubts: The McCloy-Rankin Document
    • Book review and interview with author of Working Press, Andrew McCarthy
    • Former UPI reporter writes his memoirs and admits he knew of Casto plot to kill JFK, Debra Conway


      FALL 1997 Volume 3, Issue 3

    • The Plot’s Vertical Convergence with U.S. Policy Divisions: The Fourth Decade Conference Keynote Speech, Peter Dale Scott
    • Tippit After the Murder, Bill Drenas
    • The Secret Service Interviews,Vincent Michael Palamara
    • Hope and Despair: Visiting the Dark Side Of Camelot, Debra Conway
    • Cuban Missile Crisis 35 Years Ago
    Winter V4, Issue 3

    WINTER 1997 Volume 3, Issue 4

    • Selections from Conference Presentations: The 81 Promises: The Context of the Crime, George Michael Evica
    • Review of John Armstrong’s “Harvey and Lee", Tom DeVries
    • Acoustic Evidence Revisited, Greg Jaynes
    • Call To Action and Justice For JFK: Roger S. Peterson, William Xanttopolis
    • Notes and Quotes: The Researcher’s Workshop, Debra Conway and John Kelin, Dallas and the JFK Lancer Conference: A Personal Memory, William Law
    • The ARRB Represented at the Lancer Conference, John Kelin
    • Mary Ferrell, Keynote Address
    • Remembrance Ceremony
    • Scholarship Awards and Mary Ferrell-JFK Lancer Awards
    • Special Guest Speaker: Kerry McCarthy

    SPRING 1998 Volume 4, Issue 1

    • Amnesty: The Initiative’s Origins, George Michael Evica
    • Seek and Ye Shall Find: Making Sense of the New Document Releases
    • Anna Marie Kuhns- Walko The Unidentified Finger Prints
    • KAC Interview: Glen Sample and Mark Collum The Secret Service: In Their Own Words, Vince Palamara
    • Three Shots in Three Seconds, Audio tapes tell the tale, Jim Fetzer
    • Eugene B. Dinkin: Foreknowledge? excerpt from the book "Bloody Treason" by Noel Twyman 

    Summer 1998 Volume 4 Issue 2

    • The Unified Solution of the Shots Fired in Dealey Plaza: A breakdown of the sequence of shots and their sources, Bill Truels
    • New Witness Speaks on Medical Evidence, JFK Lancer Oral History Project interviews Saundra Spencer, former Navy Lab tech. William Law
    • The Zapruder Film: Version or Virgin? Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko
    • Robert Kennedy 30 Years Later: A Case Update, Lawrence Teeter, Sirhan Attorney
    • Lee Bowers’ View, A Photo Essay by Greg Jaynes
    • Frank Sinatra, Sam Giancana and the 1960 West Virginia Primary, Chris W. Courtwright
    • Did Oswald Talk? An analysis of LHO’s whereabouts while in the DPD jail, Russ Burr

    Fall 1998 Volume 4, Issue 3

    • THE ARRB Departs: Selections from the ARRB Final Report
    • ARRB Open Meeting Question and Answer Session, Sept. 9, 1998, Transcript by Joe Backes
    • Once Again Into the Breach: Book Review of Stewart Galanor’s COVER-UP, Charles Drago
    • Whiplash Greer: A study of frame extraction within the Zapruder film, Michael Parks
    • James Jenkins on JFK’S Autopsy,Charles Drago. L.I.N.E. News Release•
    • The Big Easy: Background on the James Jenkins Oral History Interview, William Matson Law
    • The Third Wound: A New Look at the President’s Wounds, Milicent Cranor•
    • Evidence: A Photo Essay: JFK’s backbelt, shirt, and coat-front
    • US -VS- Cuba: Documents on US Military Planning, 1962 

      Winter 1998 Vol. 4, Issue 4

    • JFK Lancer Announces a New Editor for KAC: Robert Chapman
    • November In Dallas 1998 Conference
    • Student’s Symposium Recap, James Sawa and Glenn Vasbinder
    • Examination of Two Different Brain Specimans Following President Kennedy’s Autopsy, Doug Horne
    • NEW Evidence Regarding Ruth & Michael Paine, Steve Jones
    • Michael Paine- A Life of Unanswered Paradoxes, Nancy Wertz
    • JFK Lancer - Mary Ferrell Pioneer Awards: David Lifton and Gaeton Fonzi, transcript of Keynote Speech
    • JFK JFK Lancer - Mary Ferrell Scholarships: Marco Panella and Mark Taylor
    • Bus Tour Recap and Photos, Russ Shearer
    • Don’t Forget Dallas, Connie Kritzberg

    SPRING 1999 Volume 5, Issue 1

    • In Politics and Policies of JFK and RFK: The McClellan Committee Investigation of Organized Labor, Dr. Anthony Baltakis
    • A Profile of Political Assassins: The Common Denominators’ Exclusion of Lee Harvey
    • Oswald brings a new perspective to the case,Angus Crane.
    • With A Study of the Presidential Limousine, Doug Weldon
    • Stewart Galanor, A History of the Medical Evidence, and The Grassy Knoll These articles are excerpted from his book, Cover-Up.
    • Ian Griggs’ The Railroading of Lee Harvey Oswald

    SUMMER 1999 Vol. 5, Issue 2

    • A Tribute To John F. Kennedy, Jr.
    • William Harvey in Florida, 1963, Noel Twyman
    • William Gaudet: Make Room for the Man at the Front of the Line, Nancy Wertz
    • First Shot/First Hit Circa Z-190, Barb Junkkarinen
    • Two Presidential Limousines: Did They Play A Role in the Assassination?, Mike Johnson, with comments from Pamela McElwain-Brown
    • First-Day Evidence and Dealey Plaza, Michael Parks

    FALL 1999 Volume 5, Issue 3

  • Warren Commission Report Turns 35 Years Old, Martin Shackelford
  • K.G.B. Told Tall Tales About Dallas, Book Review by Martin Shackelford
  • Phone Transcript Between Acting AG Ramsey Clark and LBJ, Transcribed by Debra Conway
  • SWAT Snipers vs. Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark Anning and Eric Nelson Mark
  • Continuation to First Shot/First Hit Circa Z-190, Douglas DeSalles, M.D.
  • I Led One Life, Hal Verb
  • A Visit to SAM 26000, James Sawa
  • image

    WINTER 1999 Volume 5, Issue 4

    • Conference Awards
    • The Man in the Middle:Richard Case Nagell’s View of an Evolving Conspiracy, Larry Hancock
    • An Examination of the Presidential Limousine in the White House Garage, Pamela McEl- wain-Brown
    • We Remember President Kennedy, Kerry McCarthy
    • An Interview with Kerry McCarthy, John Kelin, from Fair Play Magazine
    • Three Phases of Assassination-Excerpt: Robert Kennedy and Phase I, Debra Conway
    • Doug Horne-Specifics in the Files, Comments by John Kelin
    • Why the JFK Assassination Still Matters, Bill Holiday
    • What’s Wrong With These Pictures?, Barb Junkkarinen

    SPRING 2000 Volume 6, Issue 1

    • Was “Hidell” A Bartender? Wallace Milam
    • The Failures of the ARRB, Doug Horne
    • The Fourteen-Minute Gap, Rex Bradford
    • The 1999 JFK Lancer Bus Tour, Ken Holmes, Jr.
    • When a Mysterious Death is No Longer Mysterious Mark K. Colgan



    SUMMER 2000 Volume 6 Issue 2

    • Being There, Almost:A first person account of the filming of the movie JFK in Dealey Plaza,Michael West.
    • Harvey and Lee: In North Dakota: Correcting the record on the Aline Mosby Interview, W. Tracy Parnell.
    • Gov. Connally’s Wrist Wound and CE-399: A complete account of the bullet fragments, Clint Bradford.
    • The Running Woman: Toni Foster. An exclusive interview with the Dealey Plaza witness seen in the Zapruder film, Debra Conway.

      FALL 2000 Volume 6 Issue 3

    • Vince Salandria’s False Mystery and the Transparent Conspiracy, a Review by William E. Kelly, Jr.
    • If At First You Don’t Succeed: Robert Blakey, the HSCA and the Return of the Single Bullet Theory, Joe Biles
    • The Harper Fragment (Excerpt from the new book, Murder in Dealey Plaza) David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D.
    • Herbert Helps Out -- A Brief Rebuttal to the Christenberry Dicision, by Joe Biles
    • WINTER 2000 Volume 6 Issue 4

    • NID 2000 Conference Review, Jim Fetzer
    • NID 2000 Speakers and Awards
    • Oswald and the Helsinki Hotel, Ian Griggs
    • JFK Opposed Globalist, Jim Marrs
    • The Spirit of the New Frontier, Kerry McCarthy
    • The Secret Service Agent on the Knoll, Debra Conway

    Spring 2001 Volume 7 Issue 1

  • Tale of Two Tapes, Vince Salandria
  • Handwriting is on the Wall, "W. Tracy Parnels
  • The Don Reynold’s Testimony and LBJ: November 22, 1963 and the Senate Rules Committee Hearing” John D. William and Debra Conway

  • Summer 2001 Volume 7 Issue 2

    • Another Look at the Shot Sequence In President Kennedy’s Assassination by Hal Verb
    • Warren Commission Suppressed Jackie’s Testimony On JFK’s Head Wound by Mark Sobel
    • Behind Closed Doors, Minutes of Unrecorded Warren Commission Executive Session Found in National Archives by Mark Sobel
    • The Art and Science of Misrepresenting Evidence:A critical analysis of Professor McAdams’s The Source of the Shots in Dealey Plaza by Stewart Galanor


      Fall 2001 Volume 7 Issue 3

    • Lost and Found Oswald Interrogation Notes by Larry Haapanen
    • Kennedy and the Cold Warriors: The Case for a “Big” Conspiracy by Tim Howells
    • Review of James Bamford’s "Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency: From the Cold War through the Dawn of a New Century", by Robert David Steele
    • Tracking CE 399: The “Stretcher Bullet” and the Case for a Dallas Conspiracy by Jerry McKnight
    • Fallacies of the Warren Commission Solution by Thomas Purvis

    Winter 2001 Vol. 7 Issue 4

    • November In Dallas Conference Review by Debra Conway, Jamey Hecht, Ph.D.
    • Reports of the Presidents’ Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board: An Introductory Over- view by John Williams, Ph.D.
    • Mysteries of the 112th Intelligence Corp by Larry Hancock
    • More Mexico Mysteries by Rex Bradford

    Spring 2002 Vol. 8 Issue 1

    • Senator Russell Dissents, Part One of the previously unpublished monograph by Harold Weisberg
    • “Mrs. Paine’s Garage,” A Deception from Beginning to End
    • Book Review by James Fetzer

    Summer 2002 Vol. 8 Issue 2

    • LBJ Phone Calls, Illustrated
    • The Phone Call From Out of the Blue by Larry Haapanen and Allan Rogers
    • Senator Russell Disents, Part two of the previously unpublished monograph by Harold Weisberg

    Fall 2002 Vol. 8 Issue 3

    Fall 2002 Vol. 8 Issue 3

    • History At Your Fingertips: The Russ Holmes Work File Review By Larry Hancock
    • Review: “Interview With The Assassin” By Ken Jacobs Interview with Director Neil Burger By Debra Conway
    • Review: Ronald Steele’s “In Love With The Night, Robert Kennedy” By Vincent J. Salandria
    • Review: Eric Hamburg’s “JFK, Nixon, Oliver Stone & Me: An Idealist’s Journey from Capitol Hill to Hollywood Hell” By Larry Haapanen
    • Review: “RFX” Movie on FX By Debra Conway

    Winter 2002 Vol. 8 Issue 4

    • 2002 November In Dallas Speakers
    • Photos from NID 2002
    • Lee Harvey Oswald, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Logic of ConspiracyBy Scott P. Johnson
    • CROSSTALK: Synchronization of Putative Gunshots with Events in Dealey Plaza By Dr. Donald B. Thomas
    • A Tribute to Harold Weisberg (1913-2002) By Hal Verb

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