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Workshops Coordinators: Debra Conway and Joe Backes
Jack White, Jerry Rose, Craig Roberts, Barbara LaMonica,
Ed Hoffman, Chris Courtwright

5 hrs
 NID97-2 Opening: Debra Conway,
The 81 Promises: George Michael Evica,
Tom Samoluk: The ARRB
1 hr, 18 mins
 NID97-3 Political History and the JFK Assassination  
Abd-El-Kader Cheref: JFK, A Candle In The Cold War Wind
Barbara LaMonica: The Anti-FDR Coup Attempt
Frank Camper: MKULTRA
Jerry Rose: A Subject for the Second Term: China and the JFK Assassination
Angus Crane: Assassins: Why Oswald is Unique
2 hrs, 28 mins
 NID97-4 Pieces of the Puzzle
Brad Parker: Medical Evidence
Greg Jaynes: The Acoustical Evidence
Bill Drenas: The Tippit Shooting
Jim Marrs: The Single Bullet Theory
3 hrs, 50 mins
 NID97-5 Intercept:U.S. Intelligence and the Opening of LHO's Mail
George Michael Evica, Ian Griggs, Larry Hancock
1 hr, 27 mins
 NID97-6 Cast of Characters
Nancy Wertz: George de Mohrenschieldt
Chris Courtwright: How Many Oswalds?
Jack White: Will the Real LHO Please Stand Up?
1 hr, 52 mins
 NID97-7 John Armstrong: Harvey and Lee 2 hrs, 42 mins
 NID97-8 Peter Dale Scott: New Evidence
Question and Answer with Scott and Armstrong
1 hr, 20 mins
 NID97-9 A New Look At DealeyPlaza
Matthew Smith and Joachim Marcus
60 mins
 NID97-10 Keynote Address: Mary Ferrell
Dealey Plaza Remembrance Ceremony
1 hr, 30 mins
 NID97-11 Justice For JFK
Charles Drago: A New Dedication
Vince Palamara: The Secret Service and the Assassination
Bill Xanttopoulos: Legal Issues Surrounding the Investigation of the Assassination of JFK
Ian Griggs: The Assassination, An International Perspective
Conference Q & A and Future Focus Goal-Setting
3 hrs, 9 mins
 NID97-12 JFK Lancer-Mary Ferrell Awards Dinner
Hosted by Robert Chapman
Featuring Kerry McCarthy
2 hrs, 11 mins



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