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 NID98-1 Debra Conway, JFK Lancer 1998 In Review
George Michael Evica, Beyond The 81 Promises
Tony Baltakis, Politics & Policies of JFK and RFK: the McClelland Committee Investigation of Organized Labor Leads to Organized Crime
John Williams, Robert Morrow: Agent in Exile

NID98-2 Pieces of the Puzzle Panel-1
Connie Kritzberg, November 22, 1963
Doug Weldon, The Windshield and the Coverup
Stewart Galanor, The Grassy Knoll Witnesses


E. Martin Schotz, History Will Not Absolve Us-Discussion

Pieces of the Puzzle Panel-2
Angus Crane, Defining "Assassin": The Oswald Exception
Martha Moyer, Jack Ruby's Busy Day,
Ian Griggs, Railroaded: Lee Oswald and the Identification Lineups
NID98-5/6 Pieces of the Puzzle Panel-3
Jim Marrs, Commentator
Joseph Backes, Why JFK Went To Texas
Madeleine Brown, Dallas Before November 22, 1963, with Jim Fetzer
Lawrence Teeter, Sirhan Sirhan Update


NID98-7/8/9 The Zapruder Film Panel; Zavada Report Discussion:
Non-Alteration Position: Hal Verb, Josiah Thompson
Alteration Position: Jack White, David Lifton, David Mantik
Commentators: James Tague, Beverly Oliver, Jim Fetzer, Michael Parks
Art & Margaret Snyder, A Study of the Jet Effect


NID98-10   Special Presentation:Doug Horne, ARRB Staff
NID98-11   John Armstrong, Oswald:The Evidence Not Shown to the Warren Commission/HSCA; FBI Supression, Manipulation and Handling of evidence



Medical Evidence Panel:
Stewart Galanor, JFK & the History of the Moving Head Wounds
Doug Horne, The Medical Depositions
David Mantik, JFK



NID98-13 David Lifton, The Evidence: 2 Entries, 2 Caskets
Russell Kent, John Connally
Brad Parker & William Law: Key Commentators
NID98- 14 The Bethesda Witnesses:
Paul O'Connor & Dennis David with William Law
NID98-15 Another Look At The Paines Panel:
Carol Hewett, Steve Jones, and Nancy Wertz

 NID98-16 Gaeton Fonzi, Updates on The Last Investigation
The Murder of Officer Tippit: Dale Myers and David Lifton
Jim Marrs, The New Order


NID98-17 Awards Banquet, Debra Conway
JFK Lancer-Mary Ferrell Scholarship Awards: Mark Taylor and Marco Panella

JFK Lancer-Mary Ferrell Awards
Gaeton Fonzi, The Future


NID98-18 The Intelligence Community Studies
Glenn Cressy and Larry Hancock, The Crisman Enigma
George Michael Evica, Intercept II: The CIA Agents Who Controlled LHO's Mail and IRS Documents
Sherry Sullivan, Forgotten Families


NID98-19   Kerry McCarthy, The Meaning of His Memory
Remembrance Ceremony
George Michael Evica, Kerry McCarthy, Roger Peterson, Gaeton Fonzi


NID98-20 Charles Drago, The Continuing Relevance, L.I.N.E.
Chris Courtwright/Joe Backes, New Legislation
Bill Xanttopoulos


NID98-21/22 BONUS TAPES! -- Student/Newcomer Symposium: Glenn Vasbinder & James Sawa


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