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DVD or Digitized Thumb Drive Build your own personalized collection! We are proud to provide our speaker presentations on DVD for your research and scholarship. Contact us to help you put together a media collection that is a perfect fit for your needs. Email us for assistance - orders@jfklancer.com

(*Some years are transferred from video and are of poorer quality than others, however, every disk has information of value.)


Special Edition Collection Sets
The past few years has been difficult ones, losing two very important researchers in the JFK community: Sherry Fiester and Jim Marrs. To honor them, we have put togethersome special edition DVD sets of some of their finest presentations. Other collections include: Witnesses, Medical Evidence, Dealey Plaza/WC Evidence, & Cuba/CIA Document Releases. Email us for assistance - orders@jfklancer.com

NID 13 Set DVD

Entire 2013 Set DVD

NID 13 Set Thumbdrive NID 2013 Full Set DIGITAL $140.00
13.1 Brent Holland
"Ted Sorensen: The Man Who Saved the World"
13.2 Dick Russell
Richard Case Nagell
13.3 Barry Ernest
The Search for Victoria Adams
13.4 Josiah Thompson
Investigation & Trial
13.5 Rollie Zavada
The Zapruder Film
13.6 Edwards & Quinlan
"Spread the News" Panel
13.7 Ian Griggs
Jack Ruby & the Dallas Police Department
13.8 Mark Shaw
Connecting Jack Ruby & Melvin Belli to Joseph Kennedy
13.9 Pat Speer
The JFK Back Wound: Anatomy of a Lie
13.10 Brent Holland
Bolden Witness
13.11 Stuart Wexler
Harold Wiseberg Leads
13.12 Jim DiEugenio
A Motive for Murder: Kennedy's Foreign Policy
13.13 Russ Baker
Update from "Family of Secrets"
13.14 Bill Simpich
Oswald Impersonation
13.15 Russell Kent
Classical Mistakes in the Medical Autopsy of JFK
13.16 William Law
Special Guest: Jim Jenkins
13.17 Sherry Fiester
Reconstructing the Fatal Head Shot
13.18 Jim Marrs
13.19 Banquet
"Banquet: Jefferson Morley & Kerry McCarthy"
13.20 Rex Bradford
The 14-Minute Tape Gap: The Early Days of the Cover-up
13.21 Donald Thomas
Cross Talk: The Acoustical Record of Gun Fire in the JFK Assassination
13.22 Joe Backes
ARRB Investigation & Trial
13.23 Joan Mellen
Evidence in the JFK Assassination Bonus: Rick Ryan
13.24 Brian Litman
"Tourist Non Grata: The Soviet Experience of Oswald
13.25 Jim DiEugenio
The HSCA: How Blakey Buried the Case
13.26 Pamela Brown
Midnight Blue to Black: The Vanishing Act of the Presidential Limousine
13.27 Scott Kaiser
Cuban Exile Connections to the JFK Assassination
13.28 Brian Edwards
The 26 Volumes: Making Sense of the Nonsense
13.29 Ed Tatro
Intriguing Suspects
13.30 Casey Quinlan
Edge of Apocalypse: Cold War, Cold Warriors, Cold-Blooded Murder
13.31 Russ Tarby
Tammi True Remembers Jack Ruby


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