New Projects


Schematic of Dealey Plaza
October 2010

Ciccone has just updated the original 1991 schematic map of Dealey Plaza, a 24" x 36" blueprint map, which will plot the location of 343 witnesses, including approximately half of the motorcade vehicles and their occupants.  The Master List and Schematic will supplement each other; the list providing details too numerous to include on the map, and the map as a convenient visual reference for study or lecture presentations.  AVAILABLE NOW!!

First compiled and edited by historian Craig Ciccone in 1991, these completely revised and updated resources are the most detailed, readily available studies of the witnesses to the assassination of President Kennedy to date. They serve as unique and indispensible research tools, lecture aids, or even collectors’ items.




• 24” x 36” black-line schematic • Plots the locations of 373 witnessesin and around Dealey Plaza

• Displays 17 of the 25-vehicle motorcade procession including five of the seven groups of motorcycle escorts

• A detail of the entrance of the Texas School Book A Depository, detailing the location of employees of the building on specific steps

Master List

• 153 pages, perfect-bound soft cover

• Descriptions of 460 witnesses, including a majority of occupants of the motorcade

• Preface (Editor’s Note, Editorial Method); Introduction; List of Acronyms and Abbreviations; Epilogue; Extended Sources

• Appendix: A Study of Eyewitness Groupings

Schematic — $75.00; Master List — $35.00; Schematic and Master List — $100.00 (+ shipping)

Coming Projects


IlRFK Cover

The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

Similar to his compilation and documentation of eyewitnesses to the assassination of President Kennedy, Ciccone is constructing a 24” x 36” blueprint schematic map of the Ambassador Hotel as it relates to the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy, plotting the location of 241 eyewitnesses. It will be accompanied by a detailed and fully annotated master list of witnesses, detailing their full names; occupations; where they were and who they were with; impressions of the number of shots; the distance of Sirhan Sirhan’s gun from Senator Kennedy; and other points of interest.


Fred Hampton


Illinois Black Panther Party Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton (1948-1969)

Ciccone is writing two books on Fred Hampton. The first, If I Die Before I Wake: The Assassination of Fred Hampton, will be a detailed look at the controversial death of Hampton, who was shot to death on December 4, 1969, during a pre-dawn raid on his Chicago apartment by an elite team of law enforcement officers from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, and with the cooperation of the FBI and Chicago Police Department.

The second book, Let Me Say, in the Spirit of Liberation: The Life and Legacy of Fred Hampton, will be a biographical look at Hampton’s 21-year life, including his speeches, letters, writings, and interviews. From his days as the leader of the youth branch of the NAACP in Maywood, Illinois, to his co-founding and leadership of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party, Let Me Say… will reveal the importance and significance Hampton’s life, and what it still holds 40 years later.

Palmer Cover

Robert Palmer (1949-2003)

Ciccone is writing a biographical look at singer, musician, and producer Robert Palmer. Life in Detail: The Life and Music of Robert Palmer will be the first serious treatment of the life of one of pop music’s most underrated and misinterpreted contributors. Culling and utilizing rare print and recorded interviews, as well as sharing the profound and personal stories told by those closest to Palmer, Life in Detail seeks to alter the long held public image of Palmer as an Italian suit-wearing, blue-eyed-soul-singing playboy, and reveal him to be a devotee of and contributor to world music; an innovator of pop music; and a composer and performer who didn’t merely surround himself with renowned musicians from around the world, but brought out the best in them.