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Kevin Costner (Kenny O'Donnell), Bruce Greenwood (John F. Kennedy) and Steven Culp (Robert F. Kennedy) in New Line's Thirteen Days - 2000


In Thirteen Days, the power and peril of the American presidency is dramatically explored by director Roger Donaldson, who captures the urgency, suspense and paralyzing chaos of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The alarming escalation of events during those fateful days brought to the fore such public figures as Robert McNamara, Adlai Stevenson, Theodore Sorenson, Andrei Gromyko, Anatoly Dobrynin, McGeorge Bundy, Dean Acheson, Dean Rusk, and General Curtis LeMay. In addition many others -- politicians, diplomats and soldiers -- were on the front line of the showdown. In Thirteen Days, we see all of these people, -- and, above all -- President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, through the eyes of a trusted presidential aide and confidante, Kenneth P. O'Donnell (Kevin Costner). O'Donnell, who served as Special Assistant to the President, was a key White House insider with a birdseye view of the crisis. His office was next door to the President's Oval Office, and he was a major behind the scenes figure in the Kennedy White House. In the film, O'Donnell serves as a conduit to this gripping dramatization of one of the most dangerous moments in modern history.

Kenny O'Donnell (far left, looking over the shoulder of the man at
the head of the table) and EXCOMM

Sadly, Kenny O'Donnell passed away in 1977.He co-authored the memoir JOHNNY, WE HARDLY KNEW YE about JFK. You can read a wonderful account of his life with Bob and Jack Kennedy written by his daughter, Helen. It's called "A Common Good," and is taken from her experiences and also tapes left by Kenny himself.

A COMMON GOODA COMMON GOOD Out of Print search Link to Amazon

You may also enjoy the book "THE KENNEDY TAPES: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis"


Kevin Costner   Bruce Greenwood
Dylan Baker   Steven Culp
Tim Kelleher   Michael Fairman
Bill Smitrovich   Ed Lauter
Frank Wood   Henry Strozier
Peter White   Walter Adrian







Official Site: http://www.thirteen-days.com

Yahoo! Movies  Thirteen Days (2000) GREAT SITE - PHOTOS, FORUM, ETC.

JFK Library http://www.cs.umb.edu/jfklibrary/index.htm



Is the Military Portrayed Correctly in the Movie 13 Days? by Debra Conway

Sunday, January 30, 2000 LA Times:

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Articles in Cigar Aficionado December New Issue
· Interview with Kevin Cosner by David Giammarco:
October, 1962. President John F. Kennedy has ringed the Communist
island of Cuba in a naval blockade. Soviet missiles have been
installed on the island, just 90 miles south of Florida. More are on
the way. Now Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev are playing a
game of poker. The ante is Cuba, the cards are thermonuclear weapons
and at stake is the future of the entire world. Who will blink first?

In his newest film 13 Days, Kevin Costner plays Kenneth O'Donnell, a
most-trusted Kennedy confidant serving the young president at his
most-trying hour. It's the latest memorable role for Costner, a
Hollywood veteran who has taken on a vast variety of projects, from
the hugely successful baseball classic Bull Durham to the panned
Waterworld to the Academy Award Winning Dances With Wolves. In the
November/December Cigar Aficionado, Costner recalls the history of his
latest project.https://www.cigaraficionado.com (article is not online)

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Bruce Greenwood & the ABCs of JFK
Major Roles Eluded This Actor. Now That's History.

By Stephen Hunter
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, January 7, 2001; Page G01

We are two blocks from the White House -- you can see it through the hotel
room window, like a backdrop in a bad movie -- and the man who would be
John F. Kennedy is eating mushroom soup in bluejeans and a black T-shirt.

You were expecting something, I don't know, more dignified? He shouldn't
be wearing bluejeans, should he? I mean, if you're playing John F.
Kennedy, do you show up in Washington, D.C., in bluejeans, and start with
the soup?
Read the complete article at:
(sent by Steve Bochan)


Greenwood dug deep to uncover JFK persona
By Philip Wuntch / The Dallas Morning News

When visiting Dallas recently, Bruce Greenwood took in the usual sights,
riding by the triple underpass, the Sixth Floor Museum and the Kennedy

If his chill was even more prominent than that of most sightseers, it's
understandable. The Canadian-born actor plays President John F. Kennedy in
Thirteen Days, which inspects the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and its
potentially devastating global effect.

Click here for the complete article:
(sent by Tom Blackwell)


Tuesday December 5 3:05 AM ET
'Thirteen Days' Gets Delayed Launch

By Carl DiOrio

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - New Line Cinema has moved its box office
chestnuts out of the holiday frying pan and into the new year's fire.
The studio's wide release of the Kevin Costner historical drama
``Thirteen Days,'' previously set for a crowded Dec. 22, is now
planned for Jan. 12 (Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend).
``The marketplace is really crowded during that time,'' New Line
distribution president David Tuckerman said of the abandoned date.
``And they're all high-profile films.''

Beginning Christmas Day, ``Thirteen Days'' will get a limited release
for Academy Award consideration in four theaters each in Los Angeles
and New York.

``Every review we've gotten has been spectacular, so a limited release
for awards consideration just seemed like the right thing to do,''
Tuckerman said. ``Every indication is that it's going to be on
everyone's 10-best lists, so we feel we've got a shot at all the major


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Newsweek Cover Story on Robert Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Bobby at The Brink
By Evan Thomas

Bobby Kennedy seems frozen in myth. But the real RFK was complex, at once
idealistic and devious. The inside story of the Cuban missile crisis"where
he found a way out, and grew up.


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Update on "13 Days" Cosner Movie Location Shoot
Though much of the photography for Kevin Costner's 13 Days project has
been shot, word has it that additional scenes will be done on the east
coast next month. According to the Boston Herald, the USS Joseph P.
Kennedy Jr., a destroyer that was pivotal in the real Cuban Missile
Crisis, will be pulled back into temporary movie service to play itself.
Shooting of scenes on board the ship will take place off the coast of
Newport, RI. The merchant ship Cape Bon will stand in for the Russian ship
that was blocked from going to Cuba by the Kennedy, way back when.
Release Date: October 20th, 2000
Courtesy Cinescape Online

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