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KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Dealey Plaza Witness, James Tague


  • Retired FBI Agent James Hosty
  • Bethesda Witness Dennis David and Dr. William Zedlitz (formerly of Parkland Hospital)

*Paul O'Connor and Jim Jenkins will not attend due to illness.

Check here for updates! More speakers listed below:

   Chaired by Larry Hancock,
Co-chaired by Debra Conway, and Mary Ferrell

Additional Special Guests:

Dick Russell, author of The Man Who Knew Too Much, an 824-page book about the assassination and long-time investigative journalist. The primary subject of this book is a man named Richard Case Nagell, a former military intelligence officer and CIA contract agent who was involved with Oswald when both were stationed in Japan in 1957 and '58 and later during the 1962 and '63 period in Dallas, New Orleans, Mexico City, and perhaps elsewhere.
Topic: Update on Richard Case Nagell and inside knowledge of the conspiracy,
Books: (1992) The Man Who Knew Too Much - Richard Case Nagel.

Matthew Smith, British author. By piecing together new evidence, Matthew Smith's explosive new book highlights the role of domestic and international business concerns in American government. He questions the "lone-gunman" theory and, further, looks to the changes in the government's policy after JFK's assassination and the fact that the Vietnam War generated "business" to the value of US$200 billion.
Topic: New Information from Red Bird Airport; The Vendetta against the Kennedy Family
Books: The Second Plot (1992), Vendetta: the Kennedys (1993), Say Goodbye To America: New Perspectives on the JFK Assassination (2002), Victim: The Secret Tapes of Marilyn Monroe (September, 2003
Previous NID Presentation: (1997) With Joachim Marcus: A New Look At Dealey Plaza

 Harold A.(Skip)Rydberg, served in the United States Navy from 1958 to 1968

In 1962 he was appointed Senior Medical Illustrator at the National Naval Medical Center, Medical Illustration School Bethesda, Maryland.

Rydberg developed and designed the syllabus for a 26-week course for 888 hours in medical illustration utilising and assisting in over 350 autopsies. The curriculum included observing surgical procedures, medical terminology, lettering, and charts and graphs fabrication for the medical illustration branch of the audio-visual services division of the medical graphic arts department of the Naval Medical School.

In March 1964 he prepared medical illustrations for the Warren Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, designated Exhibits #385, #386 and #388

At present Harold Rydberg is an adjunct faculty member at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His duties encompass medical illustration/forensic illustration while teaching courses in human anatomy, He also teaches the use of art in multi-media application, such as sculpting, computer applications and design concepts

In April 2003 Harold Rydberg began his masters on Criminal Investigative Psychology, finishing October 2004. After completing the masters he will go on to the Ph.D. level as a Forensic Psychologist, enhancing the community law-enforcement arena by including his medical/forensic illustration experience to enhance the depiction and profiling of criminal behaviour from crime-scene and victimology.


Utilising 35mm slides he will be discussing the evidence provided by both the Warren Commission and Best Evidence, the way it is presented, slides on exhibits within the commissions report, contributors to the single bullet theory, wounds received by JFK, why they could be where they were in the lower back. The head wound and a summation of why we need to look into the old question of "Who would benefit from this crime?"


Handbook on Bio-mechanical Trauma for the Lay Audience (to be published)
Head of the Dog, ISBN 0-75960-629-3
A fictional analysis of the cover-up of the assassination of President Kennedy (published by 1st Book Library in 2001.)Illustrations in various national and international journals of medicine.
Preparation of illustrations for Atlas of Reconstructive Burn Surgery, Dr. Salisbury, Dr. Bevin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, published by W.B. Saunders, 1981, distributed worldwide.
Illustrations for What about Behavior, J. Michael Davis, Ph.D. Duke University



Joe Biles is an undergraduate student of History and Political Science at Texas Tech University. He began studying the assassination while in high school, and won the 2001 JFK Lancer - Mary Ferrell Student of the Year Award. He is the author of "In History's Shadow: Lee Harvey Oswald, Kerry Thornley & the Garrison Investigation," which explored the history and relevancy of the prosecutions of Clay L. Shaw and Kerry W. Thornley. Biles is also active in the Republican Party. He serves as Vice Chairman for Development and Operations for the Texas Federation of College Republicans, and recently interned in Washington, DC in the office of Congressman Randy Neugebauer.
Topic: Oswald's New Orleanian Footprints: Echoes of Conspiracy; History in America's Educational Establishment: A Call to Action
Books/CDROM: The Arrogance of Ignorance: How Really Dense People Have Perpetuated the Really Effective Cover-Up of the Murder of JFK (2000);
Website/Select online articles: "In History's Shadow," several articles published in "Kennedy Assassination Chronicles" and "JFK Deep Politics Quarterly" http://www.wf.net/~biles/jfk/
Previous NID Presentation: Student of the Year Banquet Address (2001); Garrison, Thornley and Oswald (2002)

Michael J Cain is an author from Roswell, GA. His book The Tangled Web (JoNa Books, 2003) is scheduled for release in the next few days(Nov 25). The book is a biography of his half-brother Richard Cain who was a Chicago cop and a made member of organized crime there from the mid-50s to the mid-70s. Richard Cain was at one time accused of being JFK's assassin, a charge the author denies. Richard was, however, involved personally in the CIA-Mafia plots to assassinate Fidel Castro. Michael is a software developer when he's not writing and has authored a number of articles. This is his first book.
Topic: JFK, Cuba and the Chicago Mob
Books/CDROM: The Tangled Web

Debra Conway, Assassination historian and co-founder and president of JFK Lancer.
Topic: What Lee Bowers Really Saw; The Secret Service at the Cellar; Exploring the Lansdale Memo 1962; Hosty Panel
Select Online Articles: http://www.jfklancer.com/sitemap.html (click "by author" link)
Website: http://www.jfklancer.com
Previous NID Presentation: Secret Service On the Knoll; 3 Phases of Assassination, CIA, Cuba, and Kennedy

Bob Dorff, Robert Dorff has been working on the investigation since 1974 when he read "THEY KILLED THE PRESIDENT" by Robert Sam Anson. Since then he has organized several JFK assassination conferences, most notably in 1988 with five former staff members of the HSCA attending. Since then he has attended numerous conferences in Dallas and elsewhere, mostly devoting his attention to the Mexico City area of the case. He has written extensively on this and various other aspects, most recently focusing on Rose Cheramie which is the subject he will present at this JFK Lancer's meeting.
Topic: New Findings in the Rose Cheramie incident

George Michael Evica, Author of And We Are All Mortal, 1978, published by the University of Hartford. Co-organizer and chairperson of eleven national JFK conferences in Hartford (two), Chicago, Providence, and Dallas (seven). Presenter at fifteen national conferences of twenty major papers and author of twelve published articles on JFK, his presidency, and his death. Invited to give testimony to the Assassinations Records Review Board, meeting in Boston, 3/24/95. Recipient of the Mary Ferrell/JFK Lancer Lifetime Achievement Award in Dallas, 1997. George Michael is also the former Senior Editor of the "Kennedy Assassination Chronicles."
Topic: The Unitarian Universe of Lee Harvey Oswald and the Epilogue: Summary and Conclusions, from A Certain Arrogance
Books/CDROM: And We Are All Mortal; A Certain Arrogance (available in 2004)
Website: http://www.jfklancer.com/sitemap.html (click "by author" link)
Previous NID Presentation:1996-1998

Ian Griggs is a retired UK police officer, with 23 years service in both uniform and CID. He has taken an interest in the assassination from the day it happened and has studied it seriously since 1970. He is secretary of the national UK research group Dealey Plaza UK, and edits the group's regular journal The Dealey Plaza Echo. He will serve as co-moderator at the conference. Proud recipient of a Lancer Editor's Award (1995) and a JFK New Frontier Award (1998).
Topic: Forty Years of Press Coverage of the Kennedy Assassination
BOOKS/ARTICLES: Major research manuscript Kennedy Assassinated! Oswald Murdered! published 1994 by The JFK Resource Group, Dallas. Also author of numerous articles published in the Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, The Fourth Decade, JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly, The Dealey Plaza Echo, Fair Play, etc.
Website: http://www.dealeyplazauk.co.uk
Previous NID Presentation: "The Paper Bag that never was" (1996), "The Many Faces of Harry D. Holmes" and "An International Perspective" (both 1997), "Lee Oswald and the Identification Lineups" (1998), "Coincidences in the Kennedy Assassination" (1999), "Oswald and the Helsinki Hotel", also a formal exhibit "Kathy Kay" (2000).
Has also presented research papers at ASK, COPA and The Fourth Decade Conferences.

Sherry Gutierrez, has testified as an expert in crime scene reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis in over 30 judicial districts in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Gutierrez formerly headed the Forensic Investigative Unit for St. Charles Parish of the Louisiana Sheriff's Department. Presently, Gutierrez is employedas a consultant to attorneys and law enforcement officials. She is a member of the International Association for Identification, has served on its subcommittee for bloodstain pattern evidence, and has presented at international conferences for that organization. She is a member of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts and Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction.
Topic: Bloodstain Evidence and JFK
Reconstructing the Source Location of the Head Shot
Articles: Bloodstain Pattern Identification and Documentation, Workbook for Analyst, 1990
Crime Scene Techniques, Forensic Investigator s Network, 1991
Crime Scene Investigation Techniques, The Officer s News, 1991
Documenting Forceful Impact Spatter, Instant Evidence by Polaroid Photography, 1995
Blood Evidence; What Does the Blood Tell Us?, JFK Lancer Publications, 1995
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Coalition Of Political Associations, 1995
Bloodstain Pattern Evidence, a Workbook for Analyst, 1996
Blood Evidence; What Does the Blood Tell Us?, JFK Lancer Publications, 1997 (reprint)
Establishing Crime Scene Protocols, POLICE - the Law Enforcement Magazine, 1997
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and the Kennedy Assassination, The Echo, England, 2002
Website/Select online articles:
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and the Kennedy Assassination - http://www.jfklancerforum.com/sherryg/
Previous NID Presentation: Coalition on Political Assassinations, National Educational Conference, Washington, DC 1995
JFK Lancer Annual Educational Conference, Dallas, Texas, 1996
JFK Lancer Annual Educational Conference, Dallas, Texas, 2002

Larry Hancock, co-author (with Connie Kritzberg) of November Patriots, a work of historically-based fiction concerning the death of JFK, has spent the last thirty years dealing with computers and communications. Currently Marketing Director for Zoom Telephonics, Inc, he has expended considerable effort conducting research on intelligence aspects of the assassination. Larry was given the JFK Lancer New Frontier Award in 2000 and then the JFK Lancer-Mary Ferrell Legacy Award in 2001.
Topic: LBJ's Role in the Cover-Up; The Twyman interview of Roy Hargraves; and Hosty Panel
Books/CDROM: November Patriots; Research of Larry Hancock: Richard Case Nagell, John Martino, and 112th Intelligence Corp
Website/Select online articles: (http://www.jfklancer.com/CDrom.html)
Previous NID Presentation: Intercept:U.S. Intelligence and the Opening of LHO's Mail (1997), Richard Case Nagell (1999), Army Intelligence Group 112th (2001), Intelligence Connections (2001)

Barry Keane is a Photographic Technician and has been a student of the assassination for twenty five years. He is the Vice-Chairman of Dealey Plaza UK the British research group dedicated to the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Keane made his first visit to Dallas in 1999 where he attended the Lancer Conference.

He was a presenter at The Dealey Plaza UK Seminar at Canterbury UK in March 2003 on the subject of Harold Rydberg and his unwitting role in the Bethesda cover-up.

Topic: Harold Rydberg, Bethesda Medical Illustrator, his unwitting role in the cover-up of the medical evidence. Rydberg produced Warren Commission Exhibits 385, 386,and 388 drawings of Kennedy's wounds, from verbal information supplied to him by autopsy surgeons Humes and Boswell.

Keane will introduce guest speaker Harold A.(Skip)Rydberg

Books/CDROM: Author of several articles published in The Dealey Plaza Echo, most notably in the November 2002 issue on the subject of Rydberg's experience.
Website: http://www.dealeyplazauk.co.uk
Previous NID Presentation:


Barbara LaMonica, a grant consultant to non-profit agencies with a speciality in housing issues. I also work as a videographer and have completed a documentary on the effects of welfare cuts on single mothers. My original interest in the Kennedy assassination focused on the Paines and I presented at COPA and published articles in PROBE and I also co-wrote articles with Carol Hewett and Steve Jones on the Paines. My present interst in the assassination revolves around the historical context in which the assassination took place, a macro analysis . My first paper in this vein concerned a political connection between the attempted coup against FDR and the JFK assassination which I presented at Lancer and published in Probe.
Topic: One of JFK's greatest challenges was to combat the burgeoning right wing rebellion within the U.S. that he percieved as attempting to undermine his domestic and foreign policies. I will briefly describe this right wing movement and how it was in direct opposition to JFK's policies.
Previous NID Presentation: 1997 NID

William Law, researcher specialising in Bethesda Hospital witesses and author of upcoming book containing the oral histories of the Bethesda witnesses.
Topic: New Findings on the Bethesda Autopsy
Books/CDROM: Eye of History: The Assassination of President Kennedy and the Bethesda Autopsy (2003)
Previous NID Presentation: 1998 NID Conference The Bethesda Witnesses: Paul O'Connor & Dennis David

Jim Olivier 35 year veteran of radio and television broadcasting in Louisiana, Jim has been a student of the assassination of John F. Kennedy since 1967. Jim has produced and hosted television and radio interviews with many well known researchers and authors such as Jim Garrison, David Lifton, Mark Lane, Mary Ferrell, Robert Mayheu, Joe West, David Belin, Jack Anderson, John Davis, John Newman, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Penn Jones, Jr., and a host of Dealey Plaza eyewitnesses.
Topic: A new witness to the Rose Cheremie incident; Johnson and the establishment of the Warren Commission
Previous NID Presentation: Jim Garrison panel, 2000, Jim Garrison video interview, 2001

Tom Pinkston is a Chemist who has researched the history of the chemical analysis performed upon the bullet fragments found after the assassination of President Kennedy. Pinkston has spent his career of seventeen years performing various kinds of trace elemental analysis upon many types of geological,environmental and semiconductor materials as samples. Present duties include the analysis of materials for lead in both solids and drinking water as well as volatile organic compounds by mass spectrometry.
Topic: Neutron Activation Analysis and the FBI.

Larry Sells served in United States Marine Corps from1968 - 1970 and holds a degree in Physics and JD in Law from The University of Missouri-Kansas City. Sells has personal library of 6,000 books, periodicals and photos on assassinations and related items.
Topic: New Photographic Finds, Photos of Dean Andrews with video testimony on Andrews and Clay Shaw relationship by eyewitnesses. Also background on Andrews. Photos of Lyndon Johnson and Allen Dulles at Johnson's ranch in Texas. Other miscellaneous photos including Robert DePugh of the Minuteman.

Lawrence Teeter, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who began his law practice in 1978, has represented Sirhan Sirhan since 1994. Teeter has submitted a lengthy Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus seeking an evidentiary hearing and a new trial for Sirhan. The Petition is currently pending before the California Supreme Court. It contains an elaborate demonstration of the prosecution of evidence and its methodical interference with Sirhan's right to effective assistance of counsel. It also demonstrates that Sirhan could not possibly have shot Robert Kennedy. The Petition sets forth and is based upon the research discoveries of Rose Lynn Mangan, Sirhan's researcher.
Topic: Update on the RFK murder case
CDROM:Sirhan Sirhan Legal Evidence CD Vol 1.
Previous NID Presentation:Sirhan Sirhan Update (1998), (2001), (2002)
John Williams, Ph.D., has developed a keen interest in the history and activities of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, especially from November 1962 to October 1964. A faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI, he offers courses in its Department of Human Development, Family Living, and Community Educational Services.
Topic: The Strange Dismissal of the HSCA: Did the Committee Uncover Some Dangerous Memories
Previous NID Presentation: (2001)


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