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2007 November In Dallas Conference

Dallas Raddison

November 16-18, 2007



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Burton Hersh Material from " Bobby and Edgar: The Historic Face-Off Between the Kennedys and Hoover
Journalist and historian Burton Hersh has followed the Kennedy family for more than 35 years. His latest book is a study of the behind-the-scenes power struggles among the Kennedys and longtime FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Hersh writes that as attorney general, Robert F. Kennedy did his best to keep Hoover - technically his subordinate - on a short leash. But knowledge of Kennedy family secrets gave Hoover, always a master manipulator, the upper hand. Hersh's periodical work is extensive, including contributions to Holiday, Show, Horizon, Venture, Ski, Town and Country, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Along with three national book tours, Hersh has made appearances as a Commentator on Lehrer Report, History Channel, A&E, and hundreds of other radio and television appearances. Hersh's book is titled Bobby and J. Edgar: The Historic Face-Off Between the Kennedys and J. Edgar Hoover that Transformed America.
Stu Wexler

Ambassador Hotel RFK Assassination Photos Controversy

David Giammarco E. Howard Hunt confession
David Giammarco's life could easily be a movie or an intriguing novel. He's an award winning media and print journalist, published a book and hosted a radio show while still in his teens, traveled the globe with Tom Cruise, and counts actor Kevin Costner as a close friend.
Giammarco, who has written and directed two films, has appeared in numerous television shows and films. He has also written for such publications as Playboy, Cigar Aficionado, People Magazine, The London Times, The Miami Herald, The Sydney Times, The National Post, and The Globe and Mail. Giammarco has interviewed countless celebrities and legends, and when he comes to NID in November, he's going to be focusing on one of those celebrities - Howard Hunt and what Hunt knew of the JFK assassination. Giammarco had been personally working with E. Howard Hunt for several years prior to the announcement of Hunt's confession and he will offer an in depth history of Hunt's revelations as well as an assessment of their reliability.
Larry Hancock E. Howard Hunt confession in regard to Sturgis, Morales and Harvey -and- RFK Assassination: the Polk Dot Conspiracy
Larry Hancock, author of the ground-breaking “Someone Would Have Talked” (2006) a master work containing 5 years of cold war history, Cuban exiles, renegade CIA officers, and Mafioso, and a vast span of documents, also co-author (with Connie Kritzberg) of “November Patriots”, a work of historically-based fiction concerning the death of JFK. Hancock has spent the last thirty-plus years dealing with computers and communications. Recently retired asMarketing Director for Zoom Telephonics, Inc, he has expended considerable effort conducting research on intelligence aspects of the assassination. Larry was given the JFK Lancer New Frontier Award in 2000 and then the JFK Lancer-Mary Ferrell Legacy Award in 2001.
Website: http://www.larry-hancock.com

In his autobiography and revelations to his son, E. Howard Hunt never mentioned his role in two key areas relevant to JFK's assassination. First are the documented ties of several of his close associates--including his best friend, Manuel Artime--to Mafia bosses like Santo Trafficante, Johnny Rosselli, and Carlos Marcello at the time of JFK's murder. Second, Hunt didn't reveal his important role in the plan by John and Robert Kennedy to use Cuban Army Commander Juan Almeida to stage a "palace coup" against Fidel Castro ten days after Dallas; Artime's part of that plan was code-named AMWORLD by the CIA. This presentation will present new information about Hunt's role in those activities, including Hunt's own criminal activity with Trafficante associates during AMWORLD. Information about Hunt and Trafficante--recorded in 1992 by a close associate of Robert Kennedy, but revealed in this presentation for the first time--will shed a new light not only on JFK's murder, but also Watergate. The presentation will include the first announcement about a major release of new information concerning Hunt, his associates, Trafficante, Rosselli, and Marcello coming out next year.

Debra Conway Special Audio Presentation: Frank Sturgis
Chris Courtwright The Stranger Truths of Ray Carnay, Lee Oswald, and the Cold War”
This is a study of one of the possible use of the Oswald name in an intelligence operation while Oswald himself was still in Russia. It involves Cuban activities.
William Law & Mark Sobel RFK Assassination and Ambassador Hotel Witnesses Documentary

William Law is an accomplished layman historian with many, many important interviews conducted including Bethesda witnesses Ex-FBI Special Agents James Sibert and Frances O’Neill and James Jenkins. Author of “In the Eye of History: Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence” (2004).

Topic: Upcoming oral history of the RFK assassination witnesses in book and documentary format with filmmaker Mark Sobel.

Michael Cain Material from "A Tangled Web", Richard Cain as shooter in Dallas
Michael J. Cain is the author of *The Tangled Web* (Skyhorse Publishing 2007), a biography of his half-brother Richard Cain, a Chicago cop, CIA contractor, FBI informant, and member of organized crime. Michael's research for the book brought him to the JFK research community fifteen years ago when Richard was accused of assassinating John F. Kennedy. A former software developer, Michael is now a full-time writer living near Atlanta, GA.
John Kelin Material from "Praise from a Future Generation"
John Kelin's interest in the Kennedy assassination dates to 1976, when he attended a lecture by Mark Lane. Between 1994 and 2000 he published "Fair Play" magazine, sometimes called the first JFK-oriented site on the World Wide Web. In 1999 he received JFK Lancer's New Frontier award and has been listed in several editions of the Master Researcher Directory. Kelin edited False Mystery, a collection of Vincent J. Salandria's assassination writing. He has worked in broadcasting and the computer industry. "Praise from a Future Generation" is his first book.
Casey Quinlan/Brian Edwards Dealey Plaza Witness Ed Hoffman
Richard Van Noord Officer Marion Baker Timeline research

Richard Van Noord is a native New Jerseyan who has followed the JFK assassination and subsequent research for 30 years. He started much like anyone else, with curiosity, but never really did any serious research. About a year ago, Richard joined the many researchers who are looking into conspiracy. Richard attended high school in New Jersey and, after graduating Missouri Valley College, entered the field of radio journalism, and traveled in the Midwest and the northeast. He won several Associated Press awards for outstanding news coverage. After graduating Stephen F. Austin State University with a Masters in Communication in 1993, he went on to become a political consultant, working for several candidates from Congress, U.S. Senate and Governor. He also worked as an Adjunct Professor at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. After completing his work for the "Douglas Forrester for Governor" campaign in 2005, Richard joined the first Benecard Services, in Lawrenceville, NJ, serving in Broker Relations. It is this job that has enabled Richard to pursue some of his research work.

With a tremendous amount of help from Sean Murphy and Jeff Rollins, Richard was able to put together a time frame for Marrion Baker's entry into the Texas School Book Depository. This research slices considerable time off the research of Gary Mack, Dale Myers and Todd Vaughan, who all claim Baker took more than 35 seconds to get to the Depository.

Ralph Regan Italian Army Carcano firing study and commentary; Ansa video of Italian Army Terni Carcano testing
Cliff Spiegleman NAAA and bullet fragment proof
This year researchers at Texas A&M University made world breaking news when they called into question critical evidence that has long supported the theory of a lone gunman in the 1963 assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy. One of the researchers that questioned the validity of the evidence was Cliff Spiegelman, professor of statistics at Texas A&M and an expert in bullet-lead analysis. His team conducted chemical and forensic analysis of bullets reportedly derived from the same batch as those used by suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to gun down Kennedy on that fateful day at Dealey Plaza. Their findings show that evidence used to rule out a second assassin is fundamentally flawed. In addition, their findings show the matching fragments could have come from three or more separate bullets and, therefore, more than one shooter.
Jim Olivier Gaeten Fonzi video interview; Dr. Michaael Kurtz material
35 year veteran of radio and television broadcasting in Louisiana, Jim has been a student of the assassination of John F. Kennedy since 1967. Jim has produced and hosted television and radio interviews with many well known researchers and authors such as Jim Garrison, David Lifton, Mark Lane, Mary Ferrell, Robert Mayheu, Joe West, David Belin, Jack Anderson, John Davis, John Newman, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, Penn Jones, Jr., and a host of Dealey Plaza eyewitnesses.
Rex Bradford The Mary Ferrell Archive

Rex Bradford is a computer game developer whose interest in the JFK assassination and technology experience led him to develop the History Matters website. He is creating the largest electronic archive of JFK documents at the Mary Ferrell Foundation, which now houses over 600,000 pages of reports and documents. Rex is also Vice-President of the Assassination Archives and Research Center.

Synposis: The Mary Ferrell Foundation's document archive now contains more than 600,000 pages of reports and documents related to the JFK assassination and its historical context. This talk explores the means of navigating this massive archive and presents highlights from the various collections.

Website:http://www.history-matters.com / http://maryferrell.org



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