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November In Dallas Conference 2008

Nov. 21-23, 2008

Adolphus Hotel, Dallas


• 2008 Schedule •

Please note cancelations out of our control may occur.

Friday, Nov. 21
8:30am Welcome, Larry Hancock and Debra Conway
8:45 Dick Russell, Update on Richard Case Nagell and MK/ULTRA interviews
9:30 Ed Martino, Topic: John Martino, observations and insights
10:15 John Sanders, Topic: The FBI surveillance on John Rosselli
11:00 Ian Griggs: Topic: Who Really Found the Rifle in the TSBD
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Sherry Fiester, Trajectory Analysis of a Shot from the Front
1:45 Abraham Bolden: From his book
2:15 Wes Swearington: From his book
3:00 Break - Book Signing in Retail Area
3:30 Stu Wexler and Sherry Fiester, Discovery Channel ‘JFK: Inside The Target Car’ Discussion
4:15 Larry Hancock, Topic: Loose ends, a mysterious death and a mysterious building
4:45 Rex Bradford, Topic: Whispers from the Silent Generation.
5:30 Break for Banquet Set Up /Book Signing in Retail Area
5:30 Book Signing in Retail Area
6:00 Social Time
7:00 Banquet, Prayer Bob Cochran, Randy Owen MC, Jim Marrs, Tyler Weaver, John Kelin, Speaker Awards and Scholarship winners Larry Hancock, Stuart Wexler, Debra Conway and Sherry Fiester, Tribute to Jim Olivier.

Saturday, Nov. 22th
8:30am Jerry McKnight: Topic: Insider sessions and the failure of the Warren Commission.
9:30 Jim Lesar, Topic: The fight for document release
10:30 Jerry Dealey, Topic: A pictorial tour of the Texas School Book Depository
11:15 - 2:30 Dealey Plaza and Lunch (walking tour from 11:30-12:15)
2:30 Casey Quinlan/Brian Edwards, Topic: Ed Hoffman
3:15 Jim Marrs, Topic: A Fascist conspiracy?
4:00 Aubrey Rike: From his book
4:15 Roundtables forums: Crime Scene / Medical / Witnesses / Dallas Police / Theories
6:15 Break - Book Signing in Retail Area
6:30 Dinner Break
7:30 Colin McSween, William Law, Topic 2: Wound reconstruction and what it tells us.

Sunday, Nov. 23rd
8:30am RFK Panel: Larry Hancock, Paul Foreman, and William Law, Topic: The Case for Reopening the LAPD’s Investigation of the Robert Kennedy assassination.
10:30 Randy Owen
11:30 Colin McSween, Topic 1: A Closer Look: The JFK Parkland Hospital Admission Notes
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Open Discussion



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