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The public is invited to register for the conference and obtain information on additional speakers, panel topics, and bus tours. Authors are invited to reserve a table for book sales and signing.

The public is also encouraged to attend the remembrance service for President Kennedy on Sunday, November 22, at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, from noon to 12:30 PM. Special music and speakers highlight this moving tribute to President John F. Kennedy.
Randy Owen, Master of Ceremonies
was born and raised in Welland, Ontario, Canada just a short distance across the border from Niagara Falls and Buffalo, New York. His award-winning broadcasting career began with two consecutive awards for having the top mark in radio class at college. In 1988, he became the first person to win both national Canadian country music awards for on-air personality of the air in the same year. This year, he became the first recipient of JFK Lancer’s “Researcher of the Month” award. Owen’s research into the JFK assassination began at age eleven. In 1970, while researching a school project, he began reading about the assassination and hasn’t stopped since. His collection includes over 350 books and unpublished manuscripts, over 500 hours of video (including live coverage of the assassination), hours of audio (including Dallas Police and Air Force One radio transmissions), over 1,000 newspaper and 800 magazine articles. Owen has served as a consultant to the JFK Assassination Exhibit and Research Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and been a presenter at the 1993 JFK Assassination Symposium in Sudbury, Ontario. He’s been on several radio and television programs including the “Shirley” and “Larry King” talk shows. Owen has also made written contributions to “The Third Decade” and “The Fourth Decade” journals and through several posts on the JFK Lancer website.This year, Owen has been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for the Banquet, and a speaker.
Bob Cochran, Banquet and Dealey Plaza Invocation. Cochran is based in Washington State and has been an avid JFK enthusiast all of his life. An unusual turn of events put Bob in New Orleans, Louisiana during the JFK assassination and witnessed firsthand the hate for JFK prevalent in that City. Bob also lived in New Orleans in the 1970's where he attended Warren Eastin Senior High School that was the same school Lee Harvey Oswald attended. He is now a collector of JFK and conspiracy oriented items, especially first-hand items of JFK, Jack Ruby, and Lee Harvey Oswald.
Banquet Speaker, Peggy Codella
Her brother was Kennedy collector, Robert L. White, who was a friend of Evelyn Lincoln. He came to Dallas yearly and even had a display of JFK memorabilia in Dallas back in 2002. He passed away in 2003 and she would like to keep his memory and admiration for JFK alive.
 Baker Russ Baker is an award-winning investigative reporter with a track record for making sense of complex and little understood matters. He is the author of "Family of Secrets: the Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America" (Bloomsbury, 2009). "Family of Secrets" covers the influence and activities of the Bush clan and their allies in finance, military contracting, intelligence, and oil over the course of nearly a century, and includes five chapters with new material, heavily footnoted and backed by documents and interviews, related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy—all developed in response to the question: why did George H.W. Bush say he was unable to remember where he was on November 22, 1963? He has written for the New Yorker, Vanity Fair, the Nation, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Village Voice and Esquire. He has also served as a contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review. Baker received a 2005 Deadline Club award for his exclusive reporting on George W. Bush's military record. He is the founder of the nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organization, WhoWhatWhy, operating at
  Joseph Backes has brought you the latest news from the ARRB and now he's back with something that will amaze you. Do you remember hearing about ex-New York governor Spitzer's prostitution scandal, and thinking it can't be real, because nobody's that stupid? Well, the State Dept. did something stupid that affected hundreds and hundreds of CIA personnel. Joe also has a new blog, where he will keep you up to date on the latest JFK research.
Abraham Bolden was a young African American Secret Service agent in Chicago when he was asked by John F. Kennedy himself to join the White House Secret Service detail. For Bolden, it was a dream come true—and an encouraging sign of the charismatic president’s vision for a new America. Both prior to and following JFK’s assassination, Bolden sought to expose and address the inappropriate behavior and negligence of these agents, only to find himself the victim of a sinister conspiracy that resulted in his conviction and imprisonment on a trumped-up bribery charge. A gripping memoir substantiated by recently declassified government documents, "The Echo from Dealey Plaza" is the story of the terrible price paid by one man for his commitment to truth and justice, as well as a shocking new perspective on the circumstances surrounding the death of a beloved president.
Michael Cain is the author of "The Tangled Web" (Skyhorse Publishing 2007), a biography of his half-brother Richard Cain, a Chicago cop, CIA contractor, FBI informant, and member of organized crime. Michael's research for the book brought him to the JFK research community fifteen years ago when Richard was accused of assassinating John F. Kennedy. A former software developer, Michael is now a full-time writer living near Atlanta, GA
TOPIC: Richard Cain
Jerry Dealey Born and raised in Dallas, as a member of the Dealey family that Dealey Plaza was named after and that owned the Dallas Morning News. Was in school in Denver in fall of 1963, but returned every year in the summer to live with his father. Is a Dallas historian, writing a book on the history of Dallas, Dealeys, Dallas Morning News, and Dealey Plaza. Is a Docent at the Old Red Courthouse Museum, and the Dallas Historical Society "Hall of State" in Fair Park. Also gives tours of Dallas, and the Assassination related sites. Specializes in the history and politics of Dallas. An active member and Moderator of the JFK Lancer Forum, where he tries to assist in local information as much as possible.
Topics: The TSBD and Dealy Plaza - In Depth and Dallas Police Procedures
James DiEugenio has written two books on the Kennedy assassination.  Destiny Betrayed (1992) was the first positive reconsideration of the Jim Garrison investigation in a generation.  The Assassinations (2003, co-edited with Lisa Pease) analyzed the murders of RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X, but devoted most its pages to the newly released ARRB documents in the JFK case.  He and Lisa also edited the journal Probe (1993-2000) which focused on the releases of the ARRB and new developments in the King and RFK cases.  Jim has an MA in Contemporary American History from California State University Northridge.  He was asked by Oliver Stone to do a commentary track on the expanded DVD version of his film “JFK”.  
Edwards Brian Edwards has been studying the JFK assassination since 1969 and has read over 300 books on the subject. From 1978-1997, he worked as a police officer in Kansas. He was assigned to the patrol division and served eight years on the police department’s tactical response team. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. From 1996 to 2005, served as an adjunct instructor for the criminal justice department, with Washburn University, and taught a variety of law enforcement-related courses. Edwards has lectured on the JFK assassination throughout the Midwest, including the University of Kansas Law School, Washburn University School of Law, Johnson County Community College, and the Alf Landon Lecture Series at Kansas State University. He has served as an adjunct instructor at Friend’s University in Wichita, Kansas; Ottawa University in Overland Park, Kansas, and Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. Edwards is co-director of Project JFK/CSI Dallas, a student-oriented historical experience. For the past 20 years, Edwards and Casey Quinlan have sponsored student trips to Dallas to study the assassination. Co-Author of the new book, “Beyond The Fence Line: The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President Kennedy.” TOPIC: Officer J.D. Tippit
 Fiester Sherry Fiester In 1993 Fiester, a Certified Senior Crime Scene Investigator and Court recognized expert, begin to apply her professional expertise to the Kennedy Assassination. By using the same Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Trajectory Analysis techniques she"s used in court for over 20 years, Sherry answers basic questions concerning the Kennedy assassination. The result has been several NID presentations with new information concerning the fatal headshot, while including blood spatter and trajectory analysis from previous presentations. Fiester has testified as an expert in crime scene reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis in over 30 judicial districts in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Her publications include "Bloodstain Pattern Identification and Documentation: a Workbook for Analyst," 1990, "Blood Evidence; What Does the Blood Tell Us?," JFK Lancer Publications, 1997; and "Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and the Kennedy Assassination, The Echo," England, 2002. In 2003, Fiester was presented with the Mary Ferrell - JFK Lancer New Frontier Award in appreciation for her contributions of new evidence and furthering the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Ian Griggs Griggs's interest in the Kennedy assassination goes back to the day it happened and he has been studying it seriously for the past 37 years. He is a frequent visitor to Dallas and has presented research papers and moderated panels regularly at the Assassination Symposium on President Kennedy (ASK), the Coalition of Political Assassinations (COPA), and JFK Lancer's November In Dallas Conference since 1994. Griggs has published work in "The Fourth Decade" and "Assassination Chronicles" research publications. He is very proud to be a founder member and recently elected Life Member of the UK research group Dealey Plaza UK, which celebrates its 16th anniversary this year. Griggs' research articles have been widely published on both sides of the Big Pond. He is the proud recipient of a JFK Lancer Editor"s Award (1995) and a JFK Lancer Frontier Award (1998). His first assassination book, "No Case To Answer" was published by JFK Lancer in 2005. This features 27 essays and articles in which he examines aspects of the assassination and cover-up through the eyes if an English detective. He is due to follow this with his definitive work on the Dallas Police Department next year.
Larry Hancock photo Larry Hancock is a leading historian-researcher in the JFK assassination. Co-author with Connie Kritzberg of “November Patriots” and author of the acclaimed “Someone Would Have Talked.” Hancock recently published a study of the RFK assassination, “Incomplete Justice ” in conjunction with the Mary Ferrell Foundation and will be issuing a new edition of “Someone Would Have Talked” this November, 2009. In 2000, Hancock received the prestigious Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award for the contribution of new evidence in the Kennedy assassination case. In 2001, he was also awarded the Mary Ferrell Legacy Award.
Topic: A Mystery Death and A Small Clique in the CIA" and "The Big Picture" Panel Discussion
Jim Marrs, a distinguished journalist and author of the “New York Times” bestseller, “Crossfire-the Plot to Kill Kennedy” and of best-selling books such as “Rule by Secrecy” and his 2008 book, “The Rise of the Fourth Reich.” Mr. Marrs is a fearless and gifted writer and researcher.
Topic: Loose Ends in Dallas (which will including a study of Roscoe White) and "The Big Picture - Who Made It Happen Panel Discussion
 Mantik Dr. David Mantik, is a Radiation Oncologist at 21st Century Oncology in Palm Desert, California and serves on a speakers’ panel educating other physicians about the new role of biological therapy when combined with radiation. Prior to his present position, he worked for 15 years at Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage, California, where he served as Medical Director in Radiation Oncology, and nine years at the Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he specialized in prostate cancer and cancers of the head and neck.After initially earning his PhD in Physics at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Mantik did a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University and then joined the physics faculty at Michigan. After a few years of telling his students to go to medical school, he then took his own advice and graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School. He did his residency at the University of Southern California. He is board certified in Radiation Oncology and maintains a special interest in cancers of the prostate and of the mouth and throat. Among his many publications, he has been a major contributor to four books on the medical evidence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
TOPIC: Alteration of the President's XRays
Dr. McClelland Robert McClelland, M.D. is a 1954 graduate of The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Following his internship at the University of Kansas Medical Center and two years of military service in the Air Force in Germany, he completed his residency in general surgery at Parkland Memorial Hospital where he attended to President John F. Kennedy in the Emergency room and also attended Lee Oswald two days later. He then completed a one-year fellowship in splanchnic hemodynamics with Dr. Fouad Bashour, in the Department of Internal Medicine, at UT Southwestern in Dallas. He was appointed to the faculty of UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1962 and is the first faculty member to hold the Alvin Baldwin Jr. Chair in Surgery, an endowment designated for support of surgical education. His primary interests lie in gastrointestinal surgery and in postgraduate medical education. As originator and editor of Audio-Journal Review General Surgery and Selected Readings in General Surgery, his influence as a medical educator extends beyond the department into surgical training programs throughout the country.
Greg Parker is a former Australian Public Servant who worked in Federal Social Security administration before a stint with the Northern Territory Health Department's Environmental Health Unit working on a project looking into remote Indigenous housing needs. He moved from that into managing an employment agency and currently runs a small family business in rural New South Wales. Greg has been researching and writing about the assassination since 2000 and his work has appeared in books by Joan Mellen, George Michael Evica, Larry Hancock and Lamar Waldren.
TOPIC: A False Defector Program To Russia (This material will be presented by Stu Wexler)
 Quinlan Casey Quinlan was born and raised in Kansas City and has been a high school teacher for over 32 years in Kansas. Quinlan served in the United States Army with the 9th Infantry as a medical corpsman during the Vietnam War. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master’s degree in American History from Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas. He is co-director of Project JFK/CSI Dallas, a student-oriented historical experience for high school and college students. Quinlan has been the featured speaker at many colleges throughout the Midwest, including the Alf Landon Lecture Series at Kansas State University; the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas; and the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Quinlan has served as a guest historian for the A&E network, the History Channel, and for Oliver Stone’s movie, JFK. In 1995, Quinlan was named the Outstanding Educator of the Year by JFK Lancer. From 1997, Quinlan has served as an adjunct instructor at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas; Ottawa University in Overland Park, Kansas and Washburn University’s Criminal Justice Department in Topeka, Kansas. Today, Quinlan teaches American History at Basehor-Linwood High School in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Co-Author of the new book, "Beyond The Fence Line: The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President Kennedy."
TOPIC: Officer J.D. Tippit
John Sanders, is an award-winning screenwriter who has spent the last year researching and writing an historical mini-series about the life of mobster Johnny Rosselli. A student of the JFK assassination since the early ‘70s, John jumped at the chance to explore the life of this well-respected “emissary to the underworld,” and began to uncover new evidence regarding his role in Dallas. Previously, John has been an international business systems consultant, an industrial psychologist, a marketing executive, and directed quality improvement efforts for the California State University system.
Topic: "A new picture of John Roselli's mob connections"
Dr William Truels is a practicing general surgeon/wound surgeon at Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma City. In 1995 he published "Breach of Faith," which summarizes the various forces surrounding JFK at the time of his assassination. Most recently, he has published "Quatrains of Camelot," an epic poem about the JFK assassination, but which also incorporates philosophy, end of life issues, and some mythology. He believes that the JFK assassination is one of the major events in world history and will be studied for centuries to come.
Topic: Dr Truels uses a three dimensional graphics program of Dealey Plaza, which analyzes the path of the motorcade through Dealey Plaza from multiple locations and angles for the benefit of the students. He then discusses the shot sequence as described by the Warren Commission in 1964 and the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978. Finally, Dr Truels presents his own "geometric" analysis of the shot sequence in Dealey Plaza, which combines the acoustics analysis provided by D. B. Thomas (at JFK Lancer) with the Zapruder film in a three dimensional fashion.
 Waldron Lamar Waldron, received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Georgia State University. He lives in Atlanta and is the author (with Thom Hartmann) of "Ultimate Sacrifice." Waldron's groundbreaking research has been cited in media outlets ranging from "Vanity Fair" and "The New Republic" to the History Channel and "USA" Today. His work has been acknowledged by authors such as Anthony Summers and Gus Russo, historians like Dr. John Newman and John H. Davis, and former goverment investigators Gaeton Fonzi and FBI veteran William Turner. The softcover publication of his most recent book, "Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination" will available in November 2009.
Topic: "The Big Picture - Who Made It Happen" Panel Discussion
Wilkins Paul Wilkins, With Ian Griggs. A native of Fort Worth, Patrolman (later Lieutenant) Paul Wilkins was one of the most important DPD officers on duty on the day of the assassination. Commission Exhibit No. 2645, a Dallas FBI report dated June 15, 1964, describes the whereabouts of police cars subsequent to the Dealey Plaza shooting. Perhaps most importantly, it contains the following brief and almost unnoticed paragraph hidden away within details of various patrolling officers. It was authored by Captain C.E. Talbert: "P.K. WILKINS. Districts 43 and 44, Car 192. At time of assassination, was at County Jail with prisoner with Officer G.L. TOLBERT. Dispatched to Texas School Book Depository and assisted in search of building. WILKINS located rifle on sixth floor and remained at building rest of the day." (25H 912) Topic: Finding The Rifle
Stu Wexler is a teacher of World History, AP Government at Hightstown High School, Hightstown, NJ. He has been a JFK assassination researcher for about fifteen years where he has focused on the issues connected to the chemical analysis of the ballistics material since 2000. Wexler has spoken on the subject at JFK Lancer’s NID twice, at the Wecht conference in 2003, and at the AARC conference in 2004, three of those times opposite Dr. Kenneth Rahn, NAA advocate, from the University of Rhode Island. Wexler has collaborated with chemist Tom Pinkston since approximately 2000 on the same subject matter. Wexler’s other Kennedy interests focus on Oswald, his background and associates leading up to November 22nd. Most recently he has also worked on both the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinations.