Warren's Dilemma
by Stewart Galanor

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 1. Instead of examining the autopsy X-rays and photographs, the Warren Commission introduced into evidence a drawing that did not accurately depict the President's wounds.

 2. The Zapruder film contradicts the Warren Commission drawing of the President's head wounds. The drawing has Kennedy leaning forward in the wrong position so the path of the bullet through the head wounds descends from back to front, consistent with a shot from the Book Depository Building.

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doc 18 click for larger view 3. When the drawing is turned so Kennedy is in the position seen in frame 312 of the Zapruder film (the frame before the fatal shot), the path of the bullet rises from back to front, which is inconsistent with a shot fired from the Book Depository.
 4. Defenders of the lone assassin theory are confronted with a classic dilemma known as Warren's Dilemma: If the Warren Commission drawing accurately represents the President's head wounds, then the Zapruder film was altered, hence conspiracy, hence cover-up. If the Zapruder film is authentic, then the Warren Commission drawing is a false representation of the President's head wounds, hence conspiracy, hence cover-up.

GalanorMore Online Information from Cover-Up:
This book presents the evidence that there was a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy and documents the disturbing measures taken by our government and major news media to cover it up. Virtually all of this evidence was gathered by the Dallas Police and agencies of the United States Government and is published in the Warren Commission's 26 Volumes of Testimony and Exhibits or stored in the National Archives.

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