Did the Limousine driver shoot JFK?

For years people have been fooled by low resolution, inferior copies of the Zapruder film -- finding reflections or shadows that are much more clear in the better copies available of this historic film.

Check the following clips and photos to see what actually happens:

1. One theory that keeps coming up is that Secret Service Agent William Greer, the limousine driver, actually shot President Kennedy with a handgun. Proponents of this theory claim to show he reaches back with his right hand and simply shoots JFK in the head. Look closely and you will note that what seems to be a light colored gun is actually the sun reflection of Agent Kellerman's hair.


Zapruder Film - Secret Servicesmen react

Low Resolution Sequence of Zapruder Film


Zapruder Film - Secret Servicesmen react
Better Version


2. Another theory claims Greer held a weapon in his left hand, and may have been a backup shooter. While Greer's left hand may have left the steering wheel, there is no weapon exposed. Greer, in his turn to look into the back seat of the limo, is not pointing any weapon, nor can it be said that he is holding a weapon with either hand.


Both of Greer's hands are on the steering wheel as the limo was on
Elm Street minutes before the shooting.

Did Greer make mistakes in Dealey Plaza? Yes. He faltered and panicked, slowed the limo to look into the back seat, and didn't step on the gas until Roy Kellerman shouted for him to do so. Greer is a sad figure in this tragedy. He made mistakes that any untrained layperson would make, but he was no murderer, he held no weapon, and there is no evidence that he played any part in the conspiracy.

Background on Greer

As noted in his Warren Commission testimony, Bill Greer was not a highly trained, highly educated agent. With a 10th grade education, he was a chauffeur by trade, and after joining the Secret Service, was assigned as a uniformed officer, walking a beat at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. When later assigned to the White House, he ran errands for the White House kitchen, and became Mrs Eisenhower's primary driver. He became JFK's driver after the 1960 election through simple seniority. Note how Greer says in his testimony "I was the senior agent assigned to him, to drive him". In other words, he was not assigned a protection responsibility, he was simply a driver.

Mr. SPECTER. How long have you been with the Secret Service Department?
Mr. GREER. I have been with the Secret Service Department since October 1, 1945.
Mr. SPECTER. What is your educational background?
Mr. GREER. I have just education in public schools in Ireland, really.
Mr. SPECTER. And--
Mr. GREER. I took courses here in this country.
Mr. SPECTER. Are you a high school graduate, then?
Mr. GREER. Well, I have 2 years of high school.
Mr. SPECTER. And when did you complete this educational background?
Mr. GREER. I have to go back now.
Mr. SPECTER. Approximately.
Mr. GREER. About 1924 or 1925.
Mr. SPECTER. Would you outline in a general way what your activities have been since that time, up until your joining the Secret Service, please?
Mr. GREER. Yes, sir. I was born and raised on farmwork, a farmer. And I done that until I came to this country in February 1930. I worked for a period of time--I lived in Boston for a little while. I worked one summer on the estate of Henry Cabot Lodge. I was a chauffeur for a family in Brookline, Mass., for about a year. And then I went to New York, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. I lived there for 13 years as a chauffeur for a private family in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. Then I went in the Navy in November 1942. I got discharged on September 18, 1945.
Mr. SPECTER. What were your principal duties while in the Navy?
Mr. GREER. I was seaman first class. I did almost 2 years at Bainbridge, Md., with the seaman guard there. And then I was assigned to the presidential yacht in May 1944, until I was discharged in September. But most of my duty was at the White House in that period, that year.
Mr. SPECTER. And how long after discharge from the Navy was it before you joined the U.S. Secret Service?
Mr. GREER. Well, I got out of the Navy September 18 and October 1 I went with the Secret Service--a matter of 14 or 15 days.
Mr. SPECTER. Describe your duties since joining the Secret Service, please.
Mr. GREER. Since joining the Secret Service I was assigned to the uniform force at first with the Secret Service at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. For about 2 years I was with the physical education part of it. We had a gymnasium there. I was an instructor there part-time part of the time. And then I was assigned for about 2 years to pick up the food of the President at the White House. I had that duty for about 2 years. And then I went back to the Treasury for a short period, a few months. And then I was reassigned to the White House as an agent in November--1950 I went there. I was made a full agent that following August 1951. I was there as a special officer from November to August 1951.
Mr. SPECTER. And have you been assigned to the White House staff since that time?
Mr. GREER. Yes, sir; I have been there ever since.
Mr. SPECTER. And while assigned at the White House staff, how much of your duty has involved driving the President's car?
Mr. GREER. Well, I drove the followup car for quite a long time you know, off and on. And then I drove the President at intervals during President Truman's and President Eisenhower's terms. I was also assigned a great many times to Mrs. Eisenhower. When she left Washington, I was always assigned to her, to travel with her. And I have been assigned to the President, to drive the President, since election day, with President Kennedy. I was the senior agent assigned to him, to drive him.

Links to more testimony

FBI Report from Bethesda Hospital see page 8 for Secret Service Information (ARRB Medical Document 151.)

FBI Interview with Kellerman and Greer (ARRB Medical Document 152.)
Secret Service Agent's Interviews (ARRB Medical Document 114.)

Further Research:

Researcher Anthony Frank writes:

Photographs of the Presidential limousine show that Greer would have had to reach over the seat to get a shot at the President, which he obviously did not do. These photographs also show the proximity of the jump seats in which Governor Connally and Mrs. Connally rode, with Greer seated directly in front of Mrs. Connally.

CE 697

Commission Exhibit 673

CE 873

Commission Exhibit 873

The right rear of President Kennedy's head was blown off (WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS) by the shot that struck him in the temple. A handgun capable of that would most certainly be heard by Mrs. Connally. The idea that a handgun fired from inside the limousine caused the massive wound at the rear of President Kennedy's head, as opposed to a rifle shot blowing off the back of his head, is one of the most absurd theories to have been put forth. Theories like these do a disservice to the research community.

Researcher Bill Miller sees that Agent Greer does seem to have his left hand off the steering wheel. Regardless, nothing is in his hand.

Also, note the shade on the other hand of Greer and compare that color to the suit and tie of Greer and Kellerman. A gun would not appear as a mild shade passing over a flesh toned skin. A solid object like a gun would either reflect sunlight or be seen as very dark and certainly no flesh tones could be seen through it.



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