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A clip from campaign speech made during Kennedy's run for the Presidency, stating his motives for seeking the office.
"And so, my fellow Americans - ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."
"Let every nation know - whether it wishes us well or ill - that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of Liberty."


Kennedy's announcement of legislation he introduced to Congress designed to end "Jim Crow" laws.
"We choose to go to The Moon in this decade, and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard".
Garrison responds to NBC News White Paper July 15, 1967.
Clay Shaw interviewed.
Lee Harvey Oswald interviewed by William Stuckey Latin Listening Post, WDSU Radio, New Orleans Aug 17, 1963.
Debate between Oswald and anti-Castro activists Ed Butler and Carlos Bringuie.
President Kennedy makes a humorous gaff during a speech in Houston, Texas mere hours before his assassination.
Kennedy jokes about his wife's popularity at the Dallas Chamber of Commerce banquet the morning of his assassination.
Texas Chamber of Commerce President Raymond Buck presents President Kennedy with a hat at a banquet the morning of the assassination.
Dallas Police Chief Curry speaks at an 11/18/63 news conference on measures that will be taken to protect the President in preparation for his arrival in Dallas.
From the same news conference as above, Police Chief Curry continues to his department's preparations and makes an appeal to the general public to be on the lookout for anything suspicious.
The arrival of President and Mrs. Kennedy at Love Field, Dallas, November 22, 1963.
News coverage of the Presidential motorcade through the streets of Dallas just prior to arrival at Dealey Plaza.
Reporter in Dealey Plaza.
Reporter Ron Jenkins on route to Parkland.
WFAA TV Dallas first reports the death of President Kennedy via telephone from Parkland Memorial Hospital.
KLIF TV reporter Roy Nichols covers the vigil outside Parkland Hospital moments prior to the announcement of the death of the President.
Governor Connally describes his experience in the car with President Kennedy.
Gail Newman explaining how she protected her son with her body on the Grassy Knoll gives her account to WFAA TV Dallas.
WFAA TV Dallas breaks in to their regularly scheduled broadcast to report the shooting of President Kennedy.
WFAA TV Dallas introduces and interviews Abraham Zapruder, who filmed the famous "Zapruder" assassination film, during his first public comments on the murder.
WFAA TV cites sources in Washington DC in reporting the death of President Kennedy.
WFAA reports that a Secret Service agent and a Dallas policeman were just shot and killed close by to where the President was shot. The policeman was Tippet - the report of the murder of the agent was apparently in error.
ABC Network Reporter Jules Bergman reports from Times Square on the public reaction in New York City to the President's death the day of the assassination.
The then US Ambassador to the UN Adlai Stevenson makes a moving tribute about the President the day of the assassination to news reporters.
Barry Goldwater's reaction to the assassination.
Former President Eisenhower makes a public statement in grievance of the death of President Kennedy.
Former President Truman reacts to the President's death to reporters.
The Twenty One Gun Salute and Taps at Arlington National Cemetery.
Funeral Music played at Capital Building while President Kennedy's body lay In State.
The sound of fifty fighter planes flying over the Capitol in tribute to the fallen President. 
The music played during the removal and folding of the flag from atop the President's coffin.
The drum march and sound of marching horses' hooves during the funeral procession down Pennsylvania Avenue.
The moving death dirge played during the funeral procession. 
Lee Harvey Oswald speaks to reporters after his first interrogation by Police authorities, requesting legal assistance and denying having shot the President.

Reporters chase after Oswald as he first arrives for questioning by the Police, and again denies having committed "any acts of violence."
Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade in a press conference gives the time of Lee Harvey Oswald's being charged with the Tippet & Kennedy murders. 
Oswald's landlord, Earlene Roberts, recounts Oswald's activites immediately after the assassination.
Dallas Police Chief Curry answers questions about Oswald's interrogation.
Dallas Police Sgt. Jerry Hill gives a press briefing on the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The swearing-in of Vice President Johnson as President aboard Airforce One, recorded on a dictabelt, and read from the contents of a dictionary.

Pres. Johnson gives first Press Conference as President at Andrews Air Field, Washington D.C., immediately upon his return from Dallas. 

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