The Accused Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald


LHO Russia Lee Oswald in New Orleans Oswald in Dallas
Oswald in Russia Oswald in New Orleans Oswald in Dallas
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Who was Lee Harvey Oswald and what was his role?

Lee Harvey Oswald was the accussed assassin and only suspect studied --though not accurately--by each official investigation of the JFK assassination. By now most everyone with even some knowledge of that fateful day in Dallas has also heard the subsequent conflicting theories on Lee Oswald's actions. Just some of them are:

  • Oswald acted alone, firing with rifle from the Texas Book Depository.
  • Oswald, acting alone or with other shooters, was part of a small plot to shoot Kennedy.
  • Oswald did no shooting, and was part of a small plot to kill the president.
  • Oswald did no shooting, and was infiltrating the plot as a government agent.
  • Oswald, did no shooting and was the patsy of a small conspiracy.
  • Oswald, did no shooting and was the patsy of a larger conspiracy.

Information on Oswald:

3bbulrd Oswald In Mexico City by John Newman (with document links)

3bbulrd The George Joannides Coverup by Jefferson Morley Among his primary responsibilities were guiding,
monitoring and financing the Revolutionary Cuban Student Directorate or DRE, one of the largest and
most effective anti-Castro groups in the United States.
What, if anything, Joannides made of the encounters between his assets in the DRE and Lee Oswald in New Orleans?

3bbulrdRead a summary of the Doug Horne-ARRB memo on the Oswald Tax Records

3bbulrd Attorney General Deputy Katzenbach Memo: read what the government decided you should believe about the assassination and Lee Oswald.

3bbulrd J.Edgar Hoover Memo to Tolson 12-12-63 on the Warren Commission investigation and whether Oswald acted alone.

3bbulrd Oswald in Aliceland? A Tale of Two Days; A Tale of Two Oswalds by Chris Courtwright

3bbulrd The "Backyard" Photos: How Many? by Ian Griggs

3bbulrd HSCA testimony from CIA employee Wilcott on LHO being on the CIA payroll.

3bbulrd Order The Warren Commission's Executive Meeting Transcript 1-22-64 on the report of Oswald being an FBI informant.

3bbulrdFBI Agent Hosty finds his notes of the Oswald interrogation.

3bbulrdCaptain Will Fritz's notes of LHO interrogation, Previously we had been told therewere no notes taken from the Oswald interrogation but first FBI Agent Hosty "finds" his notes just in time for the release of his book and now the Fritz notes are found. Released by the ARRB 11-20-97.

3bbulrdBolton Ford Incident, article by Steve Bochan (1996) Was some impersonating LHO trying to buy a vehicle while the real Oswald was in Russia? from the Winter '95 Assassination Chronicles 

3bbulrd Did Oswald Talk? An analysis of LHO's whereabouts while in the DPD jail and the "Elrod" claims, with new evidence by Russ Burr
pdf(Must have Adobe Reader)

3bbulrdThe Four Faces Of Harry D. Holmes: Dallas Postal Inspector who was involved in the interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald, by Ian Griggs
pdf(Must have Adobe Reader)




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