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Ballistic Evidence - Bullet Fragments

 Bullet Fragments

CE 567

NARA photo taken 1997 view--a

CE 567

Warren Commission Exhibit (Vol. 17 page 256)

CE 567

HSCA Exhibit (Vol. XI, page 124) photo taken 4-15-78

CE 567

evidence array from "Photo" Magazine, January 1984

closeup of 567

CE 567

NARA photo view--b

CE 567

NARA photo closeup view of artifacts.

 CE 569

Also found in front seat of Limousine
(WC Exhibit Vol. 17)

CE 569

NARA photo taken 1997


photo of 2 fragments found from underneath the left jump seat. Note: The FBI originally recovered three particles. In 1970, an independent researcher brought to the attention of the National Archives that one of the three fragments was missing. The Archives has been unable to locate it.

FBI drawings of bullet fragments found in limo.

bulletA New Look at CE 567 (1999) Bullet fragments found to have possible DNA material for testing.

bulletLab Test on JFK Evidence

bulletFBI Reply to House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) Memo from Blakey that asked: "How may one account for any alteration in number and mass of the originally-obtained ballistic evidence during the time it was in possession of the FBI and until it was turned over to NARS [National Archives] by the FBI?


bulletScientists Cast Doubt on Kennedy Bullet Analysis

Texas A&M Statistician Probes Bullet Evidence in JFK Assassination
Team Calls for Reanalysis of "Fundamentally Flawed" Evidence Ruling Out Second Shooter

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