Combat-hardened ex-Marine and police sharpshooter Craig Roberts, author of "Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza", asked,

"How in the world could anyone look at that {Zapruder} film and say that the fatal head strike had come from the rear? The so-called experts who stated that the rearward jerk of Kennedy's head was due to 'muscle reaction,' 'jet force from an erupting bullet' or some other violation of the laws of physics, had obviously never served in combat, where witnessing high-velocity bullet strikes was commonplace...

"Some of the supporters of the Warren Commission...stated that the bullet came from the rear because the eruption of brain matter and blood came out of the front of the president's skull. I saw something else. In a head shot, the exit wound, due to the buildup of hydrostatic pressure, explodes in a conical formation in the down-range direction of the bullet. Yet in the Zapruder film, I could plainly see that the eruption was not a conical shape to the front of the limo, but instead was an explosion that cast fragments both up and down in a vertical plane, and side to side in a horizontal plane. There was only one explanation for this: an exploding or 'frangible' bullet. Such a round explodes on impact--in exactly the manner depicted in the film."

Craig Roberts attempts the sniper's nest duplication and fails:

This test was for a Japanese production company. Craig was unable to duplicate the shooting required for the single bullet theory to work.

Craig Roberts has lived a life many people only dream about. He is an internationally published author of over a dozen books, has written hundred of magazine and newspaper articles, appeared in several shows on The History Channel, written for Time-Life books, hosted a radio talk show and appeared on scores of radio talk shows. He is a US Marine Vietnam combat veteran, where he served in a line company and as a Marine sniper--hence his extensive writing on marksmanship, sniping, weapons and the 2nd Amendment.

He is also a career police officer, having retired in 1996 with over 26 years of service with the Tulsa Police Department, where he served in patrol division, undercover assignments, SWAT (Special Operations), and as a police helicopter pilot with the Air Support Unit for 14 years. He has had a dual career, while serving as a police officer he continued his military career in the reserves where he completed 30 years total service in 1999 as an infantry and intelligence officer.

He retired at the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. Craig is a highly decorated combat veteran, and holds four medals from the police department including the Tulsa Police Department's second highest award, the Medal of Valor. Craig is the author of The Medusa File: Crimes and Coverups of the US Government, Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza, and One Shot--One Kill: America's Combat Snipers among others.

Websites: www.riflewarrior.com and www.chouteautel.com/~centurion007/ E-Mail: craig@riflewarrior.com



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