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New to our site!! July 2000
Where were you on November 22nd?

zapThe Board! for Classified Ads and Auctions

zapNID '99 Videos available now!

zap05-11-00 JFK Exhibition Trip Canceled

zap04-28-00 Kennedy Assassination Article added
Firearms, Photographs, & Lee Harvey Oswald by Ian Griggs

zap03-27-00 JFK Alliance For Open Archives-- Not your typical organization --
JFK Lancer is announcing the JFK Alliance for Open Archives, a new
organization for JFK assassination researchers.
JFK-AOA is having a
Special Membership Preview. Check our temporary web site
or contact Debra at JFK Lancer for membership levels and volunteer

zap03-27-00 New Article on JFK Lancer Online
Mexico City A New Analysis John Newman at the "November in Dallas" JFK
Lancer Conference, Friday, November 19, 1999
Transcript by Joe Backes

zap03-27-00 New Documents from JFK Lancer Resource Mail Order

zap03-09-00 JFK Lancer's Group Trip to JFK Exhibition

 zap02-00 Planet JFK. List your JFK Web Site today!

zap02-26-00 Zapruder Film copy and rights given to 6th Floor Museum.

zap01-21-00 The Report on laboratory analyses of evidence from the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy was released today by the National Archives and Records Administration. JFK Lancer has scanned and placed this report at

zap12-28-99 NEW Services on the JFK Lancer site:Search Page and JFK News mailing list

zap12-13-99 Stewart Galanor: More from Cover-Up online now!

zap12-21-99 Memories of Kennedy visit, assassination still fresh
By Mike Cochran Star-Telegram Staff Writer

zap12-20-99 ParaScope is currently digitizing various documents pertaining to the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At this time, Volume 1 of the House Select Committee on Assassinations report is available in its entirety. More documents are currently being processed, and will be added in the weeks ahead.

zap12-19-99 New information from Stewart Galanor and his book, "Cover-Up."

zap11-25-99 NID '99 Conference info and wrap-ups

zap7-20-99 John Kennedy Jr. Rest in Peace

zap7-16-99 NEW ARTICLE:The Storm Drain, photos by Michael Parks

zapJune 1999 31 Year Anniversary of RFK Assassination

audioEdward Kennedy's Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy June 8, 1968 RealAudio

audioDiscussion of the Assassination of Robert Kennedy Thirty-one years after the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, author C. David Heymann and the attorney for the man convicted of killing Kennedy meet to discuss the case. RealAudio

zap5-30-99 Media Reports on the disposal of JFK's Dallas Casket

zapMay 1999 Read a summary of the ARRB memo by Doug Horne on the Oswald Tax Records

zapMarch 30, 1999 1999 November In Dallas Conference Announced

zapMarch 23, 1999: CE 567 Bullet Fragment Testing Update 3-23-99

According to the NARA, the bullet testing is complete. No results have been
made public as yet and a full report will be released in approximately one
month or more. Look for a complete study of this fragment and the study
from Joe Backes and Debra Conway to be published in an upcoming issue of
KAC very soon. Previous information on the testing of CE567

zapFebruary 25, 1999: 1998 November In Dallas Conference Videos now available.

zapFebruary 14, 1999: JFK Lancer and Fair Play announces a major new presentation of the medical evidence.
Researcher Joe Backes chronicles the "November In Dallas" presentation by ARRB Staff Member, Doug Horne, on November 20, 1998, in Dallas. Backes' description of this presentation gives us a window into the inner workings of the ARRB, the statements of the Parkland Hospital and Bethesda doctors, and true readings of the photos of the president's body in the National Archives today.

Backes, an expert on the workings of the ARRB, has written this comprehensive chronicle and has included many photos and drawings to illustrate the points Horne is making. Some of these drawings are being shown here for the first time.

Begin your journey through the medical evidence here:

The video of Doug Horne's presentation is available to order.

zapArchive Photos Not of JFK's Brain, Says Assassinations Board Report Staff Member Concludes 2 Different Specimens Were Examined

By George Lardner Jr. Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 10, 1998; Page A03

zapARRB Closes Shop: Report Critical of Government Secrecy



By Stewart Galanor.

Galanor writes: "This book presents the evidence that there was a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy and documents disturbing measures taken by our government and major news media to cover it up."

#104 for $25 Hardcover, 64 photographs, 184 pp


JFK DATABASE: Names, places, citings


THE OSWALD CHRONOLOGY: events on each day from pre-Russia.

ALSO ON THIS CD-ROM: Mary's speeches at the 1996 & 1997 November In Dallas Conferences and more!

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 Medical Records CD-ROM!!! Volume 1: Assassination Records Review Board Medical Releases

JFK: Medical Evidence Archive puts all of the documents and deposition transcripts onto a single CD-ROM. Other important documents relating to the medical evidence are also included and articles written by prominent researchers, detailed and insightful memos written by ARRB senior analyst Douglas Horne, autopsy photos and X-rays, various tables of contents and indices, and the ability to conduct full-text searches across the entire disc. More than just a raw collection of documents, this CD-ROM is a powerful research tool.


 zapComplete Set of 13 1996 November In Dallas Conference Videos for $199.00

That's $100.00 off the individual prices!!  

zapComplete Set of 16 1997 November In Dallas Conference Videos for $199.00

That's $180.00 off the individual prices!!

Call toll free: 888-259-6317 for credit card orders.
web site: /ddi/index.html/

zapOrdering depositions: the Assassination Records Review Board has made available copies of information that it has collected relevant to the medical evidence on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The information made available includes deposition transcripts of 11 witnesses and one Master Set of Exhibits.

$100 for the set, includes postage contact Tom at Resource Mail Order to place your order.

zap JFK assassination video: The home movie of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is now on sale in a digitally enhanced video version, featuring interviews and commentary on the footage. The 45-minute documentary "Image of an Assassination: A New Look at the Zapruder Film" produced by MPI and the Zapruder family. 7-10-98 More info


19 Aug 1998 PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I am pleased to introduce JFK LINE to the international news media and to everyone involved in the quest for the truth in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. LINE represents the first major effort to provide to the media the facts in the case of our president's murder. All LINE product will be sent free of charge to major print and broadcast news organizations and independent journalists in North, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

zapKERRY MCCARTHY  READ HER 1997 SPEECH  Kennedy Concedes Conspiracy
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